Nailing your hair care routine while you’re at home is pretty simple. You just order all the products you need and then get into a routine. 

But keeping the same high standards abroad is significantly more challenging. You don’t always have access to the resources and equipment you need.

Fortunately, this post is here to help. Here, we share some advice, telling you everything you need to know about proper hair care abroad. Preparation is key. Learn more below: 

Pack Your Adapter

If you use hair care tools, remember to pack your adapter when traveling abroad. Don’t rely on a cheap converter.

Adapters change the nature of the electrical current reaching your device so that it fits the specification. Converters just let you use foreign plug sockets. They don’t adjust the current at all, which means that you might wind up blowing up your hair tongs. 

Some “dual voltage” hair tools are okay without an adapter, but you’ll need to check. If the product doesn’t specify that it works all over the world, then you must buy the appropriate adapter. Otherwise, it might get too hot or burn out. 

Prepare Yourself For Heatless Hairstyles

You might want to experiment with heatless hairstyles if you’re traveling abroad. These are much simpler to pull off and don’t require an in-depth understanding of electrics.

Old-fashioned foam hair curlers are a great idea and they don’t take up much space in your luggage. They’re super light too, so weight limits on flights shouldn’t be an issue, either. 

Another option is claw clips. These are ideal for creating natural-looking waves and are particularly friendly to frizz-prone hair. 

Braids are another option. These negate the need to wash your hair so often and are a good option for anyone planning on a wild vacation in the wilderness. 

Wear Head Protection

Just as UV can damage your skin, it can also harm your hair. High energy beams of light smash the protein structures that hold hair together, leaving it feeling brittle and weak. A couple of weeks in the sun could cause damage that lasts for months. 

Always wear head protection when you go out. Large, thick hats that block out the light are essential. 

A wider hat will also protect your face, too, leaving it looking younger for longer. You won’t return from your vacation looking burned. 

Take Travel-Size Tools

Taking travel-size tools is another pro tip for anyone worried about hair care abroad. Depending on where you’re going, you might not be able to get equipment when you arrive. 

When choosing a curling iron size, find one that’s small and light enough to fit in your luggage. These days, you can get travel versions of most curlers, which is great news for anyone who loves adding volume to their style while overseas. 

You can also get small blow dryers. These have miniature fans and sometimes fold up so you can fit them in your washing bag easily. They’re not quite as powerful as full-size models, but that’s okay. You have more time on vacation to take care of your hair anyway. 

Bring All Your Styling Products With You

You’d think in this age of globalization that the same styling products would be available all over the world, but that’s not the case. Most countries actually have quite different options and brands, some of which you may not recognize. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring your existing products with you. Pack them all in your suitcase so you can keep your hair care predictable while abroad. 

Conditioners are particularly important to get right as these make the biggest difference in how Insta-worthy your hair looks. You may not be able to find similar formulations abroad, which is a problem for some people. 

Keep Styles Practical And Comfortable

Travelling exposes you to new conditions you don’t usually experience at home. The weather could be significantly hotter, colder, or more humid, and you might be outside for a larger portion of the day. 

For this reason, many keen travelers master stylish yet comfortable styles before they get on the plane. 

Think about the weather in your destination country. Wearing your hair up is great for hot vacations while keeping it down or plaited is better for colder countries. 

Just remember, if you do go for an “up-do” to thoroughly apply SPF to your neck and hairline. 

Refresh Your Hair With Dry Shampoo

It can take more than 24 hours to reach some destinations, even by plane. Therefore, you’ll want to pack some dry shampoo you can use on the way. 

Dry shampoo works by attaching itself to grease particles in your hair and then flaking off. It’s also great at absorbing dirt which is perfect if you pass through busy cities on the way to your accommodation. 

Moisturize Your Hair Before You Travel

You can also get one step ahead of the game by moisturizing your hair before you travel. Aircraft crank air conditioning up to the max which can leave your hair feeling dry to the touch. Adding a layer of moisture to it before you set off can stop it from becoming brittle and damaged. 

Go for a relatively thick moisturizer. Creams tend to be better than serums or lotions for long flights and dry conditions. 

Protect Your Hair Against Saltwater

If you’re going abroad, chances are you’ll be close to the sea. However, avoid the temptation to let your hair come into direct contact with salt water as it can damage it. 

Instead, protect it with some leave-in conditioner. Put a dollop on your hand and then massage it into your hair for at least fifteen minutes before you hit the water. 

Learn Beach Styles

If you’re heading to the beach, it can be nice to learn some beach styles, particularly if you want to post pictures on social media. Fortunately, there are plenty from which to choose, so you can customize your look how you want. 

Most women love braids and loose buns. These give you a carefree look that’s perfect for vacations. You can also try up-dos which are a great way to keep hair off your neck in hot weather, as mentioned before. 

Once you know how to make beach styles, you can do them quickly in the morning and then reap the benefits all day. 

Go For A Bonnet

When you travel abroad, you want to go as easy as possible on your hair. It’s already going through a lot of changes, so adding extra sunlight to the mix can have an adverse effect. 

That’s why many frequent travelers choose bonnets. It’s unusual and it keeps your hair protected for longer against the harsh light of the sun. 


Go For A Spa Day

If you’re on vacation, why not go for a spa day and treat yourself? Overseas clinics often offer specialist treatments at a discount, leaving your hair looking long, gorgeous, and luscious. 

It’s okay to use special treatments now and then. And being on vacation is the perfect opportunity to do so because you can pay special attention to them. Just don’t choose anything that requires you to stay out of the sun! It could wreck your break. 

Wrapping Up

Hair care abroad isn’t quite as easy as it is back home. You have to adapt your routine. However, you can usually emulate what you normally do, or improve it, with some simple planning. Doing all these tips will help to keep your hair looking lush and beautiful while giving you some great pictures you’ll want to remember.