Costa Rica is home to some of the most delicious food, and talented gourmet chefs, in the entire world. For those who vacation in Costa Rica, seeking out fully-staffed villa resorts is a must, as they can help you lead the true foodie experience while in the country. For those who need some help in booking their dream villa, here are seven food and drink amenities to look for when booking a Costa Rican villa:

1. A Variety of Authentic Cuisine

In addition to traditional Costa Rican cuisine, many villas will have cooking staff that can offer you more unique dishes, and even dishes that reflect other nearby countries’ cuisines and delicacies. If you’re into seafood, the amount of potential cuisine to try out will expand greatly. No matter what your palette demands, however, you’ll find the type of authentic (and delicious) food that you’ve been dreaming of if you vacation at a Costa Rican villa resort soon!

2. Personal Gourmet Chefs

Every high-quality Costa Rican villa includes a chef that’s dedicated to serving the villa’s residents one incredible life-changing meal after another. These personal gourmet chefs work around the clock to ensure the residents’ taste buds and bellies are fully satisfied every single day. As you begin meeting the chef, you’ll have the chance to ask them how to mimic some of these world-class recipes at home. The more time you’re willing to spend trying out new dishes, the better!

3. Fantastic Cocktails

When you’re on vacation, you want to drink to your heart’s content (as long as you stay safe while doing so). Thankfully, there are many unique, delicious cocktails and local brews to enjoy while you’re staying at your Costa Rican villa resort. Many of these resorts even have swim-up bars that allow you to drink while you’re staying firmly put within their beautiful, luxurious pools. For those who want to enjoy some private drinks, the room service at these villas have you covered as well.

4. Options that Fit Your Dietary Needs

Most people have at least one dietary restriction to consider when eating. Even if you don’t have a restriction, you almost certainly at least have one or two strong preferences about what foods you do and do not like. By giving this information to your personal concierge before you arrive at the villa resort of your choosing, you can more easily (and more quickly) enjoy meals that are tailored to your individual health needs and taste buds. Just make sure you are clear and polite when telling any staff members about your personal food needs. And be sure to enjoy a solid spa session after a good meal!

5. Nearby Local Food Adventures

While you can easily enjoy tons of fantastic world-class food without needing to leave your resort, going out and about for a few meals can be a great way to spice up your vacation and soak up some authentic Costa Rican culture. Just make sure you let your villa’s staff know about your plans. This will help ensure that you can get to and from safely and that you can be pointed in the direction of the finest local eating establishments.

6. Daily Specials and Seasonal Menus

Depending on the villa you’re staying at, you’ll likely be given menus that have both daily and seasonal specials. Be sure to get adventurous and try out new dishes when you can, as you never know when you might discover one of your new favorite meals. After all, the earlier you discover your dream dish, the more often you can enjoy it while staying at your all-inclusive, fully-staffed Costa Rican villa resort. When it comes to seasonal menus, most seasonal items will depend on when certain fish, fruits, and spices are available to get fresh.

7. Tasty Pre-Stocked Villa Food

You won’t always want to leave your room when you’re hungry. After all, vacations can be exhausting when you’re experiencing them to their fullest. Thankfully, many villas pre-stock their living quarters with snacks, and even meal ingredients, so you can enjoy yourself in private when the mood strikes. You can even order food and drinks straight to your room if you want to dine-in in style.

Make Your Costa Rican Vacation Delicious

By taking advantage of resorts that offer all seven of these food and drink-related amenities, you can make your vacation truly delicious. Thankfully, nearly all high-quality, all-inclusive, fully-staffed villas will have at least half of these wonderful amenities available. So get your belly and taste buds ready for the cuisine experience of a lifetime!