“Welcome Home!” is what you will hear upon arriving at Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya. You will be greeted at Conrad Tulum with smiling faces and a cold beverage that is made fresh every day and varies on what is in season. My daughter Alexis and I had a much needed girls vacation for the weekend and did not want to leave! I am hoping I can inspire your next trip to be at Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya after hearing about my wonderful experience.

Luxury Accommodations 

The walk from the lobby to your ‘casa’ is easy with a beach breeze and birds chattering. You can opt for a golf cart or van to take you from place to place or you can even take a bike! It depends on the weather for which I opted for. A golf cart was perfect for cooling off, but a walk before dinner by the beach was breathtaking and gave us lots of photo opportunities.

Any of the rooms you choose will have picturesque scenery and bountiful amenities – including a kettle to make morning tea.

Drinking coffee on the front porch is the perfect way to start your morning. There is even an in-ground tub on the porch for your own personal use. You can turn it into an ice cold tub or a hot tub. Perfect for any weather! The tub overlooks the ocean and in the background you can hear the waves crashing and birds chirping. The shower also overlooks the beach, so prepare to take long showers with a view like this!

The bed there is so comfortable I did not want to get out, but I knew I had a day full of relaxation and fun activities ahead, so that got me up. Breakfast is also a huge reason I got out of bed each day! Speaking of food…

Elevated Dining

Upon my first meal at the resort, I realized it was the tastiest and brightest fruits and vegetables I have eaten or even seen. Edgar, the restaurant manager at Arborela, informed us it is because the soil is closer to the water and can soak in more nutrients. Not only was the food delicious, but the appearance and presentation was always photo worthy. From the placement of the fruits on the French toast to the way the food was brought to the table, it was all aesthetically pleasing.

Breakfast at Arboreta is the best way to start your day. It is continental style varying from gluten friendly and vegan options to an egg bar and avocado toast bar where you were able to choose your toppings as it was made in front of you. All of the items are locally sourced by farmers and the fruit is prepared daily to preserve the quality. There is even a fresh fruit bar where you choose your items and it is cut up by a professional. No more trying to figure out how to cut up dragon fruit on your own. One of the highlights is the French toast bar. The chef soaks the bread in coconut milk, coats it with brown sugar, egg, and powdered sugar; while topping with coconut cream and various fruits such as baby or Lady Finger bananas, figs, strawberries, dragonfruit, and blackberries. There is fresh maple syrup and other toppings for you to choose from, but it is delicious on its own as well. I wish I had an Arboreta in my kitchen every morning because there is no coming back from this!

Lunch by the infinity pool at Ultramar is perfect for cooling off on a hot day and getting some much needed mid-day relaxation. All of the servers were extremely helpful and kept my drinks and plates full! There is a bar area with a live DJ which creates immaculate vibes for your afternoon. I had the best mojito with the freshest mint – it was so good I had to drink two! I even indulged in coconut water that was served in a coconut. It was the perfect photo op and kept me hydrated with the heat and humidity. The mushroom tacos were the perfect mid-day snack along with goat cheesecake! I just had to try it and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

Dinnertime is full of options as there are a variety of restaurants located at the resort. We dined at Autor, Maratea, and Kengai. It is hard to choose a favorite as they all offer different items.

Autor is authentic Mexican cuisine, so it is a must on your to-do list for dining. My favorite dish was a treat from the restaurant – a fried avocado in the shape of a caterpillar. The main course was outstanding and so was the dessert. For my main course I had the fried cauliflower and my daughter had the pressed lamb. For dessert, we chose the lime curd and sweet ceviche. Everything looks and tastes delicious there – I highly recommend making this a stop for dinner one evening. 

Maratea is divine and the atmosphere is warming with a couch and pillows at your table to relax while you eat. For an appetizer, we had pita bread and a dip made of toasted pine nuts, green oil, and fried herbs called the Jocoque. This is the perfect way to start off our dinner. We then started to devour the ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach that was topped with truffle cheese sauce and sage. It sounded so divine we both had to get our own! I know my son would have been able to eat two plates as it was so delicious!

Kengai is an asian fusion restaurant, and the experience begins before you even walk in the front door. You are led down a tunnel, so it is a must-do photo/video opportunity on your way to dinner. You are able to choose between sitting at a high-top where the pre-picked meals are cooked on a table in front of you, or you can sit at a table and eat a la carte. We opted for the a la carte so we could try various items. From the dumpling appetizer to the Yaksoba entree, it was authentically delicious. There are a few surprises thrown our way such as a delicious sushi roll to a chocolate dessert at the end to top it all off. The dessert there is spectacular and it is an event. The server pours hot milk over a chocolate ball and it melts over a matcha brownie. The bartender Reese even surprised us with a mango, peach, orange, and tonic water non-alcoholic beverage to pair with our dessert. We were absolutely stuffed after this and had to get a golf cart ride home – absolutely worth it. The drinks here were delicious and I was even able to have a Hugo Spritz which I fell in love with when I was traveling in Germany last month. 

No matter where you choose to dine at the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, you will be impressed with how much thought goes into every single thing you are served.

Luxury Spa 

Their luxury spa encompasses ancient Mayan healing rituals and is a journey through mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. What a relaxing experience with natural scenery and birds chirping overhead! We were guided through a hydrotherapy session and able to relax by the pool before our journey even began.

The spa at Conrad Tulum is where tradition, art, and science meet in a jungle sanctuary. At Conrad Spa Tulum, each experience is more than a spa treatment: it’s a step on a journey to complete wellbeing, inspired by ancient rituals and local elements.

To start off, we were guided through a water ritual starting at the sauna, continuing with a steam room, and ending with a hot and cold plunge. After this, we were guided to the relaxation area within the spa and treated with some ice cold popsicles and a cold beverage. This relaxation area was a massive, circular space that was lined with chairs and a fountain in the center; which had a cut-out in the ceiling as well to let sunshine in. All around the ceiling were plants which just so happened to be my daughter’s favorite, so we had a photoshoot of course.

Then, we were guided to the water therapy area. There are multiple spots for us to relax and have water massages. My favorite is the shoulder and foot water therapy. It is perfect for getting that knot out of my neck from carrying airport luggage. We were given cookies and cold beverages by the water therapy pool as well, and it is a perfect pre-spa treatment treat.

Conrad Tulum Spa Treatment

For our spa treatment, we went on the Itzamná Journey which was such a unique spa treatment. Karen and Isis were wonderful and ensured our experience was pleasant. It was so relaxing my daughter fell asleep! The God Itzamná was the symbol that represented wisdom and health for the ancient Mayans. For them, all the diseases had their origin in he imbalance between the body and the soul and could be cured with the use of medicine plants which helped with an energy cleanse using these medicinal plants from the Mexican herbalist tradition followed by the application of a local clay and the signature massage of 13 joints that will leave you detoxified, relaxed, and renewed! 




Afterwards, we were so relaxed we had to go back and sit by the pool to finish using some of the water massage tools on our shoulders, neck, back, and feet. Do NOT forget any part of your hydrotherapy journey while there. Cleanse your body and spirit in an outdoor dynamic pool and revitalize with sauna, steam, and cold plunge. Complete your journey with refreshments from the Spa Bar and taste a healthy twist on the region’s traditional flavors. Do not miss your chance at one of their herbal popsicles.

This entire spa experience was a step on a journey to complete wellbeing, inspired by ancient rituals and local elements. Every detail was thoroughly thought our and led us to be our most relaxed self upon exiting. The rest of our day was divine as we were mentally and physically at peace.

Incredible Hospitality

Every single employee was gracious and aided with a smiling face and helping hand(s). From a personal concierge you can text at a moment’s notice – Hugo and Jordi – to golf cart, van and Escalade drivers – Luis, Dorien, and many more – everyone was pleasant and hospitable. 

Overall, I plan on enjoying another stay at Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya because it did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations in every single way. We were even able to make our way to the Tulum ruins, and the concierge was able to help us fit that into our schedule. This resort has everything you need and you could truly not leave it for weeks. The staff takes you in as family and ensures you are met with every need and catered on in every aspect. I can’t wait to start planning my next trip there!