For over centuries honey has been used for various treatments across different indigenous cultures all over the world. 


The reason being the presence of antioxidants and rich nutrients present in this golden colored extract, making it a popular natural ingredient for skincare to haircare products.Propolis, royal jelly, and honey are byproducts extracted from the bee-hives and are heavily used in many cosmetics. 


You must have heard of DIY mask recipes that use honey with the benefits ranging from strengthening hair to moisturizing both skin and hair with the proven facts that we will discuss further in this article.


Benefits of Honey For Your Hair


Due to honey’s microbial properties there has been high demand for honey by Western medicine industry because of its great results as compared to conventional treatments. Among different types of honey, Manuka honey is commonly sought for most medical treatments.


And when honey is applied to the scalp it provides regenerative properties and great moisturizing benefits for the scalp’s skin. In addition, it helps condition and act as an emollient for scalp as well as hair. 


Hydrating Properties


Dry hair is prone to easy breakage and split ends. The natural humectant present in honey acts as a natural moisturizer preventing water loss and keeping hair conditioned. 


People with dry and rough hair should include honey based products or natural honey to add moisture and prevent hair breakage. Using honey based products can also help you look after your hair during the travels.

Shining Hair


 We all want to have soft, shiny and healthy hair, but the growing fast paced lifestyle with the add ons pollution and use of chemicals in products ends up making your hair look dull and dry. 


Since honey is known to contain rich nutrients like ascorbic acids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, carotenoid, amino acids, and a few B complexes, all together they help you achieve healthy and lustrous looking hair. These nutrients enter the roots and end up nourishing your hair and scalp from within, preventing damage and adding that shine.

Improve Hair Growth


Hair loss is a common problem seen among people of all age groups. While youngsters face problems due to unhealthy lifestyle, fast paced work life and other external factors, older age groups face hair loss problems due to degrading collagen. 


And although markets are full of products promising hair growth, treating your hair with natural honey or natural honey based hair care products can help you in the long term. 


The natural antioxidants protect the scalp against external damage due to the presence of free radicals. The antioxidants increase the level of oxygen that diminishes the adverse effect of stress on the hair. 

Benefits Scalp Health


The antiseptic properties of honey not only soothe hair but also prevent infections related to scalp such as dandruff, eczema, and other infections, allowing good hair growth. Give your hair follicles healthy food rich in nutrients and antioxidants.


Hair breakage is another difficult and most common problem faced by almost everyone these days. Using honey shampoo or conditioner can help with the structure of your hair breakage helping them to grow longer. 

Reduce and Prevent Dandruff


If you often face issues with dandruff, blame it on bacteria and fungus growth, but you can have clearer and healthier follicles with the frequent use of honey on your hair. There are many different DIY conditioning hair masks, and scalp treatment to reduce dandruff and if you don’t have dandruff then it helps prevent the same.

Using Honey For Your Hair


There are different ways to include honey in your hair care journey. You can either procure raw honey and use it in the different home made masks, or if not then using honey based shampoo and conditioners and masks from reputed brands would be great.  

  • Deep Conditioning Mask


Mix coconut oil or any other carrier oil with honey, and massage on to your scalp to give your hair a deep moisturizing effect. Yogurt and honey also makes for a great combination for once a week deep conditioning treatment.

  • Add It To Your Conditioner


If you do not use any honey based shampoo or conditioner, its’ safe to add raw honey to your existing conditioner or shampoo. Make sure you add only a few drops and not a whole lot to avoid stickiness.

  • Scalp treatment Mask


The easiest way to use honey is to mix it with the warm water and massage onto your scalp and pull through the entire strand of hair. Allow to seep in for a couple of minutes and rinse with shampoo followed with conditioner. 


To conclude, honey is an excellent natural product that can be used for any natural hair treatments at home on a regular basis. It not only helps with cell growth but also retains moisture and nutrients to the scalp and hair.