Traveling to a new destination is always a good idea as long as it’s a perfect opportunity to discover new beautiful places, meet new cultures, and learn more about the history of a new country. Especially in winter, you will be able to combine a trip to a new European destination with your favorite winter sport: skiing. 

In case you are a huge ski fan, you must be very excited about the idea of traveling to a new place where you will be able to do both, explore the city and practice your favorite sport. One of the most amazing places that combine these two activities is nowhere else but Europe.

In Europe, there are many countries that are listed as the most wonderful ski destinations in the whole world. Therefore if you are interested in visiting a new place this winter and practicing skiing on new mountains and hills, you are looking in the right place. Why?

Read below and you are going to find out the 4 best winter destinations in Europe for skiing.

1. Cortina d’ Ampezzo, Italy

The first amazing destination for showing off your skiing skills is Cortina d’ Ampezzo in Italy. Before booking this place, don’t forget to look for the holiday package which is the right one according to your needs on Erna Low, as long as a nice deal is going to make your trip even better. This place is located in the Italian Alps and it’s only two hours far from Venice, which makes it an approachable destination in Europe. The Winter Olympics of 1956, had taken place on this mountain and after that, this place had become very popular for skiers from around the world.

2. Courchevel, France

Another amazing place that is perfect if you love both skiing and visiting new winter destinations is Courchevel in France. This place is totally amazing and beautiful, especially when everything is under the snow and the whole place is ornamented full of Christmas lights. Another thing that makes this place quite attractive, is the Michelin-awarded restaurants, which are the best pick for enjoying delicious dishes after a long day of skiing.

3. Kitzbuhel, Austria

Of course, Kitzbuhel can’t miss this list as long as it’s an amazing mountain surrounded by nature. In this town, there are many things that someone can enjoy, including skiing. By visiting this place you will be amazed by the natural beauties that you are going to admire such as the mountain view and the lakes. Also, if you are planning to visit this place don’t forget to feast on the local food as long as it is delicious and it’s going to give you the strength for a full day of skiing.

4. Lapland, Sweden

Last but not least, Lapland in Sweden is probably the most popular city in Sweden for ski and winter adventures. At this destination, you will be able to enjoy other amazing activities besides skiing, such as natural light shows, a spectacle that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Also, don’t leave this place before visiting some of the most famous restaurants, as long as Lapland is famous for its rich culinary culture.