Are you considering a move to the sunny and inviting pastures of California, or perhaps just planning a trip to visit some friends and see what all the fuss is about when it comes to the GoldenState? 


Whether it’s hunting for houses in Sacramento CA, rental apartments in San Diego, or simply letting the road take you where it pleases on your California travels, here’s what you need to know before staying in this incredible state. 


Higher education is king in California


Parents of children joining California schooling can take advantage of their in-state tuition initiatives, which is one of the largest public university systems in America.


This discount for residents of California provides access to some incredible schools with fantastic track records, all at a lower price than non-inhabitants.


California is for nature lovers


Nature lovers from around the world flock to the Golden State to enjoy the mountains, national parks, and pristine beaches.


Some of the best things in life don’t cost a thing, and a scenic hike around some of the most naturally breathtaking views in the world is a true privilege for Califonia residents to enjoy on a daily basis. 


It’s a multi-lingual place


While many languages are spoken in the rich mixture of cultures and communities that California has to offer, it’s a good idea to brush up a little on your Spanish. Think of it as a way to integrate yourself into the ways of California, and the fast track to making some new friends as well!


California is dedicated to renewable energy


Solar energy and renewable solutions in the home are extremely popular in California. Despite a dedication to renewable practices, however, rooftop solar panels are currently incurring fees, which are still being contended and contemplated today. 


Nevertheless, renewable energy is gaining more popularity by the day.  


Wine lovers will be in heaven 


As America’s largest producer of this popular alcoholic beverage, living in California will expose you to some of the world’s best wines. And whether you’re an expert or not, a trip to one of the main wineries is an unforgettable way to toast another day in the California sunshine. 


Agriculture matters there


Several countries around the world depend on Californian agriculture, including the United States. If you take a drive around the Golden State, it’s common to see dedicated farms, field workers, and farmer’s markets offering fresh local produce. 


Californian residents take a lot of pride in supporting their local farmers, and freshly farmed goods are plentiful. 


Their economy offers huge opportunities


Forget being the largest economy in the whole of the United States of America – California is also one of the largest economies in the entire world. 


From tech-savvy innovators in Silicon Valley and aspiring actors to engineers and farmers, there’s a huge range of job opportunities for those who make the move to the Golden State in search of work. 


This versatile combination of skills and landmark pillars of entertainment like Hollywood and Disney World nearby makes California a booming economic hub.