Leisure travel is therapeutic as it gives you a break from the humdrum of life and sets you up for relaxation. Even business travelers love the idea of jetting once in a while because it is a welcome change from the office routine. But flying long distances or driving endlessly on a road trip can make you grumpy and exhausted. You may even miss the calm and relaxed feeling you expect during or after a holiday.

Travel fatigue is something most people experience, and the worst part is that you cannot do much about it. Although it is practically impossible to steer clear of the soreness and insomnia after a long flight, you can do your bit to deal with them. You only need an anti-exhaustion game plan to stay ahead of the woes before, during, and after a trip. Here are a few practical ways to deal with fatigue and feel enthusiastic after landing.

Book a place to stay and rest

Not planning well for the vacation can stress you out. Landing without booking accommodation is even worse. You have nowhere to go, and the last thing you want to do after a tiring flight is search for a hotel room. The best thing to do is to book a place to stay and rest enough to overcome jet lag in the first place. You can easily check hotel websites to book an ideal accommodation online. Reserve for a couple of days if you are not too sure about the resort, as you have the flexibility to switch later. But do check availability, specifically when traveling during peak seasons.

Schedule recovery time

You cannot expect to get started with your itinerary right after landing at your destination, no matter how excited you are. Pro travelers suggest scheduling recovery time after reaching so you do not feel exhausted and stressed. Consider your travel time to decide how many hours of rest your need. Of course, you will require more after an international flight instead of a short road journey. Your energy levels also matter as you must recharge yourself enough to enjoy your time out in the city. Plan your itinerary wisely to cover everything without fighting fatigue.

Avoid cramming too much into the trip

Besides leaving enough time to recover, you must ensure that your itinerary is not too taxing. The last thing you should do is try cramming in every single attraction in the guidebook. A relentless pace does more harm than good as it quickly depletes all your energy reserves. You must prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to vacation experiences. It enables you to avoid burnout and feel refreshed throughout the trip. Moreover, leaving a few things out means you have something to look forward to if you plan to return to the same destination again.

Practice self-care

Although travel is a form of self-care, you must go the extra mile to maintain your energy levels and sanity. Practice healthy habits throughout the trip as they enable you to feel your best. Eat nutritious foods, stay hydrated, get some exercise, sleep well, and take it easy on caffeine and alcohol. Try cannabis to relieve chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and headaches. You can opt for the gorilla cake strain to experience these benefits during your vacation. But check the legal status of cannabis at your destination and book a cannabis-friendly resort to experience the wellness benefits of this therapeutic aid. Pack your yoga mat and carry your headphones to melt your stress away.

Maximize exposure to natural light

An optimal sleep-wake cycle goes a long way in curbing post-travel fatigue, but jet lag often disrupts it. Moreover, sightseeing, parties, and late nights can cause sleep deprivation. Maximizing exposure to natural light can help you regain control over your sleep-wake schedules. Try to spend more time outdoors during the daylight hours. Plan for more daytime activities and keep the evenings free to spend quality time with your travel buddy or family. You will feel more energetic and less stressed throughout the vacation.

Have something to look forward to every day

A dull vacation can sap energy and enthusiasm, leaving you exhausted, even while doing nothing. You can overcome the concern by having something to look forward to every day. A planned itinerary does help, but you must leave room for surprises. Nothing gets more exciting than setting out for an unknown destination on your own. You can use GPS, talk to locals, or follow your intuition to discover hidden gems at your destination. Try a new cuisine, learn the local language, and make new friends add the thrill factor to each day. But remember to prioritize safety before embarking on a surprise tour.

Prep for a calm return

Most travelers fail to realize the significance of planning for a calm return. Failing to prep for it can stress you out and even cause fatigue as you land home. Handle pressing to-dos such as stocking the pantry and filling prescriptions before leaving for a trip. Clean up around the house and take out the trash because the last thing you want to encounter on returning is a stinking place with dirt and pests. Remember to weatherproof your home if planning a long trip. Also, ensure adequate home security measures to keep your house safe from theft and vandalism while away. Sorting out these issues keeps you happy and stress-free during the holiday. You have a welcoming home to return to, and you need not exhaust yourself to gather supplies and clean the place on returning.

Travel fatigue is a reality every traveler encounters at some point, and it can ruin your trip. Fortunately, the problem is easy to deal with if you take the right measures. You only need to foresee the issues and plan to prevent them. Even if you cannot avoid jet lag and soreness, there are ways to resolve them sooner than later. Follow these simple tips to feel happy and energetic throughout your trip and make it a happy one.