Thinking of planning a beach vacation in the Sunshine State? Below are a few considerations that will help you to book the ultimate Florida beach break. 

When should you go?

Florida is warm all year round, but that doesn’t mean that you should expect brilliant weather all the time. May to October is the rainy season – while it may only rain for a few minutes, you can expect sudden heavy showers, which may not be ideal when relaxing on the beach. June through to November is also hurricane season, which means there could be some nasty storms. 

To guarantee good weather, you may find that spring or even winter is the best time to book a beach vacation. Bear in mind that the beaches can be more crowded during these months (February and March are the busiest months). 

How long for?

A week may be all you need in Florida. However, many people plan a two week vacation. 

A longer stay could allow you more time to enjoy not just the beaches but the other attractions. If you’re traveling a long distance from a completely different time zone, two weeks could also result in less time wasted traveling and adjusting. 

Where should you stay?

There are so many different places in Florida to book a beach vacation. When choosing the right beach, consider your lifestyle and type of vacation you’re looking for. Want to go surfing? The likes of Cocoa Beach are worth trying. Purely want to catch some sun? Siesta Beach could be just right. Want to get away from mainland Florida? Why not try Florida Keys for an island getaway?

Check out this guide to some of the best beaches in Florida for inspiration. 

What type of accommodation?

Most people who visit Florida for a beach vacation choose a hotel. You can find many hotels right on the waterfront. Consider whether you want something family friendly or for adults only. 

Alternatively, you could opt for a Florida vacation rental. While these are self-catered, you could spend less and have more privacy that you would in a hotel. Just be wary that some vacation rentals have strict rules like no dogs or no smoking. 

What other activities should you plan?

There’s so much more to Florida than its beaches. Consider whether you want to visit the theme parks, tour Kennedy Space Station, swim with manatees, do restaurant hopping and enjoy Orlando happy hour, explore the history of Miami or go to an Orlando show. It could be worth planning a week for activities followed by a week of relaxing at the beach. Or you could plan to do activities on alternate days giving you a day of rest between each one. It’s worth booking some of these activities in advance as you may not always be able to get tickets a few days beforehand (especially if it’s peak season). 

Of course, you don’t have to plan other activities. If a relaxing beach vacation is all you need then don’t worry about planning anything else.