Marketing for a tourism business has its nuances and is different to marketing for more general b2b businesses. Below we discuss the different ways you can increase your presence and custom with some changes to your tourism marketing efforts. 


  1. Create online banner ads

When it comes to promoting your tourism business, exploiting internet marketing tools should be a key part of your overall marketing campaign. Online advertising is one of the most effective ways of promoting brands in the tourism industry. Placing ad banners on relevant websites helps to generate awareness and get your business more exposure. Remember to include any current offers and promotions to generate more interest and traffic to your site. 


However, you need to ensure that you are placing your ads on websites that your target audience visit according to travel marketing experts, Origin Outside. Advertising on random websites without carefully considering where your ideal customer is visiting can lead to wasted efforts. Consider using top keywords in your Google search such as ‘travel’, ‘top hotels’, ‘top destinations’, to find the best sites to place your banner ads. 


  1. Start a blog or post more articles

Besides promoting yourself, you need to ensure that your site offers actual value to your audience. Consider filling your website with relevant, useful, and interesting content, in the form of articles, with a focus on tourism. Content marketing not only helps you to rank better on search engines but also helps to position you as an expert in the field. You can also consider posting your articles on other non-competing sites within the industry. 


  1. Leverage the power of social media

No effective marketing campaign is complete without a social media marketing strategy. Consider using SMM tools and targeted advertising to reach your target audience on various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. An SMM specialist can help promote your travel channels and tours more effectively on social media. 


  1. Use email newsletters

One of the most effective yet overlooked strategies for interacting and building a lasting relationship with clients is using email newsletters and a customer relationship management (CRM) program. Ask users to subscribe to your newsletter to regularly receive important information about the latest offers. 


  1. Offline promo

Business cards are particularly important when running a travel and tourism business. While low cost, they are very effective in promoting your business. Not only do they help improve your reputation, but they also help increase interest in your tours. 


For travel agents, postcards are an excellent direct marketing tool. Create and send out visually appealing postcards with beautiful landscapes of tourist destinations and a lovely message to potential clients. This will definitely entice them to get in touch with you.


  1. Use tourist promo videos

This year, the World Tourism Organization (launched by the UN) sought out the most appealing tourist promo videos shot around the world. Using such promotional videos is a smart and effective way to inspire potential clients. Remember to add positive testimonials, in addition to photos and videos of happy clients enjoying themselves on your tours. When done correctly, it will show others what they are missing out on and generate more interest in your brand. 


The majority of the videos chosen by the World Tourism Organisation feature visitors enjoying leisure activities and showcase some of the most beautiful and enticing things in the tours. There is no better way to entice potential clients. 


  1. Invest in SEO and contextual advertising

SEO optimization and contextual advertising (marketing yourself on pages relevant to your business) are core elements of marketing efforts targeted at end-users who use search engines like Google to find their preferred tour company. Using online marketing tools and a plagiarism checker, you can effectively promote your brand and attract a larger audience. 


Each of these marketing techniques is beneficial in its own way and should be considered based on your business needs. Using a professional approach or an seo agency is critical in ensuring the best results and further improving and growing your business.