Greece is one of the most common travel destinations globally, attracting millions of visitors each year. You might have been thinking about visiting Greece, but choosing which island or city to visit can be a bit overwhelming.

If you can’t decide where to go while in Greece, a great option is Rhodes. You can find more about what to do in Rhodes below.

Visit Symi Island

Visiting this island is almost like looking at a watercolor painting with colorful neoclassical houses. Getting to Symi is easy, especially if you travel directly there with a ferry from Rhodes. In terms of what you can do while visiting Symi Island, you could see the Panormitis Monastery, which was rebuilt in 1783, or explore Pedi and Chora Beach. There is also the actual town where you could have lunch.

See Rhodes Old Town

If you are visiting Rhodes, you have to visit Rhodes Old Town. Old Town of Rhodes was officially declared a World Heritage City in 1988 by UNESCO and is actually the biggest medieval city in Europe. More than this, the Colossus of Rhodes was once one of the seven wonders of the world.

As you walk through Rhodes Old Town, you can take in the Italian, Ottoman, and Greek heritage that has influenced much of its architecture. You could also stop at many restaurants to taste authentic Greek food. Needless to say, walking through these streets will really feel like a trip through time.

Explore the Palace of the Grand Master

This ancient structure was constructed in the 14th century. It offers a sight into what life was like back then, with the many sculptures, ancient art, mosaics, marble, and stunning architecture. However, if you want to wander about the palace, you should know that it isn’t open on Mondays. Like above, if you are in the mood for authentic Greek food, there are restaurants to visit, such as Angela Castle.

Take Photos at the Acropolis of Lindos

For a truly breathtaking experience and a glimpse into the past, you should definitely add the Acropolis of Lindosto to your travel itinerary. The Acropolis of Lindos was constructed in the 14th century, and just looking at it will make you feel like you stepped into a portal through time.

If you want to take in the entirety of the Acropolis, you can take a walk up the 116-metre-high rock, which will give you the most amazing view of the Acropolis and the temple to Athena, the battlements, and the ancient walls.

Walk About the Streets of the Knights

Basically, these streets would be where the knights would gather just before an attack. As you walk the streets, you might notice that inns look slightly different; this is because the knights were separated into different inns depending on their birthplace. Just walking these streets will make you feel as if you were there.

Visit the Toy Museum

Finally, for something much less serious and more fun, visit the Toy Museum in Archipoli. Although the toys here aren’t exactly ancient, ranging from 1930 to 1990, they’re worth a look-see, especially if you have little kids who want a break from seeing old buildings.

The great thing about this little toy museum is that it is completely solar-powered and contains vintage arcade games. This little museum will basically allow you to see what types of toys different generations played with.