Have you ever wanted to capture your travel adventures and share them with the world? Photos and videos on social media platforms are the ideal ways to share your stories, but can you truly make money from them? 

Perhaps you could if you tried your hand at vlogging! 

Travel vlogging has become one of the most popular trends among travelers who visit new locations, investigate the intricacies of their destinations, and share tips and ideas with other visitors. 

To begin, buy a camera or smartphone and film travel videos. You can then edit these videos on free online recording and editing tools and upload them on YouTube. While your first few videos may receive a lukewarm response, you can be as popular as any other leading travel vlogger if you stay loyal to your objective.

So, if you’re interested in getting into it and joining the ranks of travel vloggers, here are a few pointers to get you started! 

Best Tips To Start With Travel Vlogging

We’ve put up a list of traveling vlog tips for beginners that will give you a fair idea of how to go about getting started with travel vlogging.

Begin Your Video With A Set Shot

An opening scene is a video clip that depicts the overall setting of the scene. The shot you use would convey the mood and content of the video so choose carefully.

Adding music in the beginning can also attract more people to your vlog. 

Keep Your Videos Short

One of the most important reasons some vloggers also have much more subscribers than others is their ability to eliminate uninteresting things and fluff from their videos. And one of the most common causes of boredom in videos is their length.

Keep your videos around three minutes long. Anything more may cause viewers to lose interest. 

Shoot many short clips (3-10 seconds) while traveling. Small clips are easy to edit into a minute compilation, which is important to attract viewers.

Focus On A Specific Activity Or Location

Your video can go in a lot of different directions. Many people do it in reverse order (usually day-to-day vlogs). 

However, recordings focused on a certain location or activity are far more engaging than videos covering the entire day.

Use The Right Tone At All Times

An important step to creating an entertaining vlog is interacting with your audience and engaging with them. Maintain the proper tone. Be approachable and relaxed. Be energetic and sincere when recording yourself, as if you’re conversing with a pal. 

You should not behave like you’re in the middle of an interview session with a stranger. People admire passion and excitement. You can also follow one of three vlog formats when it comes to the tone and structure: educational, entertaining, or informative.

Don’t Hesitate To Reveal Your Personality

Speaking to a camera, especially when many other people are around, can be difficult as one has to overcome shyness and fear of judgement. But keep in mind that you are the foundation of your vlog. You should speak to the camera and give your take on your journey. 

Showing off your personality with its quirks and flaws makes the content engaging and draws in viewers.

Invite New Travel Companions

To include cultural components in your videos, include locals or more travel companions. 

It will enhance the content quality, and it may even surprise and interest your viewers, especially if you are planning a tour to various places and meet people from different backgrounds.

Focus On Storytelling

Viewers like videos that tell them a narrative rather than an unorganized collection of clippings. An exciting and fun tale can elevate an unremarkable travel vlog. You can use a voice changer tool to enhance the voice which suits the particular theme.

Content is the most important thing in a vlog. Always try to do something unique and innovative in your videos. 

Select The Best Music

While vlogging, you might have generated some fantastic nature images. It’s time to retire to your hotel room and unwind. 

You can add music for video editing in the backdrop to set the mood and create an atmosphere that would keep the viewers interested. Remember, the music you use in your vlog can make or break it.

Promote Your Vlog

One of the most important things you could do for yourself is self-promotion. 

You will obviously need viewers after you have created an exceptional vlog. To get viewers, make sure to share the vlog on social media platforms. You can also request your friends and relatives to share your vlog with their networks. 

Another, more practical option is to request a shout-out from other travel vloggers. Some may not do it for free, while others may. It’s not a bad idea to inquire. 

Keep in mind that your video should be of good quality for others to promote you. Otherwise, you risk attracting negative attention. 

Make Sure Your Video Is Stable And Not Shaky

Nobody enjoys a poorly made video. You’ll simply dismiss the video or vlog if the graphics are jerky or shaky, right? It’s because consumers like to see well-planned and executed videos of high quality. 

So, one of the most important things to remember is to be very aware of how you capture a video without any instability. Use a tripod or selfie stick while shooting. If necessary, use smoothing or graphic tools while editing the video.

Watch Other Travel Vlogs For Ideas

Watching other vloggers’ trip vlogs helps with inspiration and gives you an idea of what you might like or dislike. 

There’s nothing wrong with getting vlog ideas from other famous people on the internet, so do it as homework before you shoot yours. 

Re-evaluate Your Vlog Once Some Time Has Passed

Once you’re done editing your travel vlog, put it away for a day or two before returning to it. When you do this and watch it a second time, you will discover ways to improve it. 

When it’s time to re-evaluate, freshen your mind and watch as if you’re viewing with a new perspective. This is an excellent method that you should employ to improve the quality of your vlog.


The travel vlog is the newest way to share your travels and experiences on social media with your friends, families, and other audiences. If you want to draw attention to your trip vlogs, read this piece attentively and apply the suggestions. So if you are planning a tour, making a vacation vlog might be one of the most rewarding travel experiences of your life. 

A travel vlog immortalizes your journey. You can rely on a professional video-making system to give your videos the edge they need to help you succeed. We have tried to provide you with all the tips about travel vlogging from a very root level. 

So, don’t wait for anyone and pack up your bags to make a perfect travel vlog of your own!