When it comes to luxury travel, the first thing that comes to mind is money. Even though it might be expensive (for some people, based on the budget), the money is sure to be worth every dime spent. Well, this is sure how it is supposed to be, but might not be as such if planned wrongly. Here are five mistakes to avoid if you plan to have a hitch-free luxury journey.

1. Deciding location based on trend

One thing about marketing is that it spurs you to make a decision but sometimes, the decision is not an informed one. When it comes to choosing a location for luxury, depending on random articles across the web, a magazine cover or Twitter hashtags may not be your best guardian. Before deciding on a location, prepare a list of what you would like to experience during this trip and check if the trended location is likely to satisfy all of your curiosity.

2. Failure to double-check all claims

Although this is similar to the mistake above, it is worth dedicating another paragraph to hammer on. Not double-checking the claims of a travel guide before making your decision can be catastrophic. Check reviews of the location from different sources. Check online review sites to assess the experience of previous visitors. If possible, try to connect with any of these previous visitors to double the details you have and also ask them for their honest recommendation and advice before visiting. They might be able to recommend the best car rental service in Houston  which all the articles you may have been reading do not mention.

3. Traveling with your luxury

Luxury travel is for a luxury experience. The adventure is expected to give the luxury experience and not the other way around. Moving to your chosen destination with your wealth might be a bad decision except there is a need for it. Even though online reviews might claim the city is safe for travelers, there can never be too many precautions for safety. Even though it is not as rampant in cities like Paris, tourists are still likely to be pickpocketed in some cities in the US such as in subways of New York City. It is advisable to blend in as much as possible and not appear too much as a tourist. There are also some special clothes perfect for keeping valuables secured.

4. Ignoring weather forecast

The weather of the place is part of its experience. Some tourists usually ignore the forecast or don’t bother to check at all. As the trip date draws nearer, check the weather forecast to adequately pack. Know whether to pack sunscreen or rain gear instead of taking a wild guess of what you might need. It is also important to research the dressing style of the locals. Know which clothes they prefer for specific weather. It makes the experience more enjoyable.

5. Ignoring custom law

Many travelers presume the custom law of all areas is the same. What is allowed in the region you reside in might be contraband in another. This is why it is paramount to research the custom law of any destination for luxury travel before traveling to avoid any trouble.

Internet research such as reviews and travel blogs, also posting questions on forums where local’s frequent could help in sourcing this kind of information.

5 Must-Dos to Plan a Hitch Free Luxury Travel

Aside from avoiding mistakes, here are some things people planning luxury travel should consider:

1. Talk to a travel expert

Except you are ready to do most of the work yourself, consulting a travel expert to plan luxury travel saves lots of stress. Before talking to a travel expert, make sure they are what they claim to be. A good travel expert should get to know you better and understand your travel goal rather than just presenting you options and air ticket discount deals.

2. Share trip details with a trusted person

Share your trip itinerary with someone close to you. This is important in case of an emergency. Technology has made this easier. Phone locations can be easily shared with a third party. Do this to make everyone aware of your movement and certain of your safety.

3. Prepare office for your absence

For your absence, make sure to set up an away message (an auto-response) for all of your email inboxes. If possible include the email of the person that could be contacted in case the communication cannot wait.

4. Double check packaged items and documentations

Start packing your luggage about a week before the actual date of departure. This gives enough time to get anything that needs to be included while also giving time to reconsider the usefulness of taking some things along.

5. Be fully charged and armed with entertainment

Charge all your gadgets to full at least 24 hours before travel. Also, get some entertainment or reading materials on your gadgets to keep you company in case there is any lag during the journey.