Thank you for sponsoring this post. Today more than ever is a time to start thinking about not only your health, but also that of your family and loved ones. I ran across and I am delighted with what I found. This year more than ever, I make sure I get all my information from reliable knowledgeable sources just like Impact Health.

is a caring community of people who share each other’s medical bills. Impact delivers a modern and affordable alternative to health insurance. They put the power, the freedom, and the control in paying for health care back into your hands. Additionally, Impact is a not for profit organization. It is a member centric program that focuses on members and not profits. In fact, they just GAVE BACK to their members portions of their monthly shares that totaled $281,260.

If you are a Self-employed (or want to be self-employed), Solopreneurs, someone who works in the gig economy like me, a small business owner or someone who is older and wants to retire before Medicare age but cannot afford the cost right now, this is the place for you.

Impact provides an affordable service, saving its members thousands when they switch to Impact with plans that start as low as $65 for individuals and $330 for families. They have also designed pricing multiple options for both individuals and great families like yours, as well as special prices for those seniors that really need assistance at a great price.

is definitely not just for those types of catastrophic needs. Their members have comprehensive medical experience and access to

both routine and extremely important preventative health care, which also includes mental health care, and sometimes most importantly prescription discounts. You will be extremely happy to hear about the free telemedicine available 24/7. That really perked up my ears. It is also so accessible. 

Members can see ANY PROVIDER they want nationwide with no network fees. This means more choices and lower costs for you and me. There are no network limitations so you can see YOUR doctor.

Impact is also an ethics-based community that is open to anyone interested in sharing, acting responsibly together, and saving on healthcare, regardless of religious beliefs.

Looks like we have found for sure your solution to the rising cost of healthcare in the world today. That is always a good thing. Saving money and staying healthy should be a priority for all.

In some ways, functions just the same as your own current health plan but it is very different in many ways that really matter to you and I!  Check them out today and make a plan.