When we travel, we must be prepared. We must have all the little essentials that we need. So here is a list of some of the most important (and sometimes obscure) ones that you may forget to take with you on a long trip!  Naturally, before we start the list, an excellent timekeeper is important – aka a watch! A good watch is important to ensure that you are sticking to the right time when you’re on the go and you don’t have to constantly look at your phone. You can learn more about the best watches.

 1.  A headrest

The problem with this kind of travel accessory is that it takes up space in a bag, although you can find ones that you can compress in a small bag. The material used in many makes it possible to compress it. You can then slip it into a pocket of your backpack so that it is easily accessible. This accessory really brings a plus for comfort in transport. This will allow you to take a more relaxing nap on a bus or plane. Goodbye neck pain. This will help you feel a little less tired and more refreshed after a long trip.

2. A small extra bag

This small bag actually contains a folded backpack which you can use as a day bag, if needed. Once used, you can then put it back in its small bag. It takes up very little space and is very light. Oftentimes the ones you find online are also waterproof which is great. You can use it for many reasons, other than just a day bag. Such as: 


  1. A precaution when traveling, in case you want to  bring back souvenirs and other items in addition 
  2. It can be used as an extra bag for day trips. 
  3. An ideal bag for taking pictures with more discretion.


It doesn’t look like a camera bag, so you can shoot easily without drawing attention to your gear. Much more discreet than a large Lowpro camera bag. This is what you can do if you travel to places that are a little more sensitive like certain neighborhoods of cities in Latin America. 

4. A luggage scale

This accessory is especially intended to be used before your trips so as not to weigh you down even more. It allows you to easily and accurately weigh your luggage before going to the airport. If your luggage is too heavy then you may be fined. This can add extra money onto your travels! You can find inexpensive scales at local DIY shops and bargain stores. They are easy to carry and make life easier.

5. An adapter with USB port

As you know, a universal adapter is an essential travel accessory, especially for those who want to travel around the world. This will allow you to use your equipment anywhere in the world. Some models have a plus, in that they offer several USB ports. So you can charge your phone and tablet at the same time, or even your laptop. Keeping your phone charged is important so that you can contact people when you need to.