Travel is exciting; getting to travel to a new country is even better!  Although movies and social media make going from country to country seem straightforward, there are some complications.  You can’t simply hop on a plane from America to Paris without a little planning ahead and some documentation.  Here are the top things to consider regardless of where you’re traveling to and from so that you’ll be ready for any last-minute trip. To see how to prepare for entering a different country read on. 


Get Your Passport Ready!

The biggest mistake many make is waiting until the last minute to get a passport or to check if yours is expired.  Check early, and get your passport as early as possible.  Even if you don’t currently have any travel plans right now, it’s a good idea to go through the process of getting a passport.  Having one means you can have last second trips and that you won’t have to worry about double-checking yours.  It takes about the same amount of time as googling around real estate for sale in Whistler, and will open your horizons.


Look At Any Necessary Visas

Some countries require travel visas for a visit of any amount of time, while others only require them if you’re planning on an extended stay.  Take a few minutes and research if the country you’re visiting requires a visa, and if not, check to see if you need any permits as well.  Although this may seem like a strange step, it’s better to be informed and plan.


Inform Your Bank And Credit Card Companies

Don’t surprise your bank and credit card company with a trip.  If this happens, they may assume your card has been stolen and lock it until you call them.  Avoid a messy billing situation, and call ahead of your travel.

Keep Emergency Numbers On Paper

Many airports and large cities have become rife with pickpockets.  These pros can spot a phone a mile away and will trick you into losing your phone or wallet without you realizing it.  If this happens, you could end up stranded in an unfamiliar city without any way to contact anyone or get help.  Keep a list of essential numbers written down on paper somewhere in your luggage or on your person.  This forethought will give you a fallback plan so you can get help until you recover or replace what you lost.


Be Clear and Calm

Many people who haven’t flown outside of their country can be nervous about how to act or what to do.  Unfortunately, being visibly nervous and acting erratically can be a mistake when you’re trying to get through screening.  If you can, take a deep breath and soothe yourself.  This vacation is an exciting trip!  If you’ve done nothing wrong, there’s nothing to worry about.  Answer honestly about what you’ve brought with you, let them know how long you’re planning to stay in the country and be honest.  As long as you have all of the correct paperwork and documentation, you’ll be fine.  All that’s left is to have fun on your vacation!