Do you know essential oils or essences in the world of massages? They are substances used since ancient times for healing purposes as well as aromatic ones and to dress a place.

What are essential oils and how do they work?

Essential oils are obtained from plants, their seeds, their trunks, their leaves, their fruits, flowers, etc. They are oleaginous/oily substances but not fat. They are very volatile; as soon as they come into contact with the air they evaporate rapidly, some more than others, some are denser, others lighter and are – generally – made up of many active substances (phytoactive substances).

It is considered that in plants, these essential oils are a kind of pheromones that have a hormonal function within plants. They are used both topically and by inhalation. They can be used in a massage cream or they can be used by inhaling, setting a place or, in baths with essential oils.

Essential oils act mainly on the hormonal glands of the body, although their phytoactive substances also have more direct functions on the organs.

Effects of massage oils

Physical effects: They will influence the functioning of the body, be it total or partial.

Psycho-emotional effects: The essence will have a different psychological effect on each person. If you smell the different essences, you will see that each one of them has a personality and psycho-emotional effects emanate from that personality.

How to use essential oils?

  • Use a base oil, a massage base cream that does not contain aromatic substances, or an oil – almond for example – and one or two drops of each essential oil will be added. We can make oil blends, but it has to be consistent, of course.

Example: If we only add rosemary, it is like a single musical instrument (so to speak), but if we start to mix other essences, we are going to make a mix that in itself is going to be a kind of concert, with different sounds.

You have to prepare mixes that are consistent and that you will notice is the smell. When you start mixing, you will notice that the resulting smell is auspicious or says very contradictory things.

  • Also, see that if you want to make a relaxing effect, you have to mix essences that work in that same sphere, that does not tell the body “run” and at the same time “be still“.
  • In principle, never directly on the skin, although it is a relative contraindication. Some essences are used directly on the skin that can irritate and there are some very sensitive skins.
  • Use the oils based on the desired effect.

Some Essential Oils

Essence Description Usage
Basil Masculine, hot, sweet Headache, migraines, physical and mental fatigue
Cinnamon Hot, powerful, slightly itchy skin Aphrodisiac and mental stimulant
Cedar Masculine but gentle, slightly stimulating effect Sedative effect indicated for stress
Clove Masculine, hot, potent Physical, mental exhaustion. Muscle, joint pain, anti-inflammatory
Geranium Characteristic, balsamic, sweet Antidepressant, relaxing. Restore and balance emotional states
Ginger Powerful, characteristic, citric, fresh Rheumatic and muscle pain, physical and sexual exhaustion
Lavender Characteristic, herbaceous, fresh Sedative, very effective for insomnia problems. Balances and calms emotional states, hysterics, depressions. Fight viruses and bacteria
Tangerine Citrus, intense, fresh, sexless Calming, sedative, and like all fruit essences, brings joy
Roman chamomile Balsamic, soft, sweet, floral Stomach, muscle, joint pain, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant
Mint Characteristic, minty, fresh, aromatic Brain stimulant. Headaches, digestive, skin diseases, and viral
Orange blossom or Neroli Soft, floral, aromatic, sweet, intense Moderately analgesia, anxiety, insomnia, depression, premenstrual tension or pain, acne
Rosemary More or less camphorated, characteristic, wild, cineolic Stimulates memory, gives mental clarity, is also a physical stimulant


You can learn many things about people when they undergo a body massage and much more using essential oils. The senses are heightened and the complexity of the patients’ personality is seen.

This type of therapy (massage, aromatherapy, etc.) can be of great help for mental and physical health or even for a spa day. 

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Massages and essential oils are essential, both to calm the mind and to recover the body from different ailments. I bet you are craving for a massage now, aren’t you?