Regardless of the season or time of year, it’s safe to say that visiting New York City is always an exciting and educational experience. As far as accommodations are concerned, a city such as New York has just about every choice you could wish.  As far as luxurious spots are concerned, there are the “usual suspects” such as the Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, and the Mandarin Oriental. However, let’s look at some of the most luxurious spots to stay at that are not as well-known but offer just as incredible luxury as the more well known established players.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

The name gives away the location of this hotel, and not surprisingly, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge reflects the vibes of its neighborhood. Brooklyn is known more for its “artsy” vibe, and this attitude reflects in the decoration of this hotel. Using recycled products and artworks, this hotel tells the story of New York City through its mural artwork. However, don’t get fooled by the hotel’s eco-vibe since it offers guests highly luxurious accommodations. The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge also boasts of a luxury spa and a swimming pool that overlooks the East River.

The Baccarat Hotel

If you are looking for a no-compromise highly luxurious place to stay in New York City, then it may be time to take a closer look at the Baccarat Hotel. Located in Manhattan, the Baccarat is a relatively new entrant in the New York hotel scene. However, this hasn’t stopped them from being labelled as one of the finest hotels, not only in the city but in the world. The name of the hotel comes from the Baccarat crystal that is used to decorate the building. La Mer Skin Care runs the ultra-luxurious spa.  

The Quin

The Quin successfully merges classic interior designs and architecture with all the modern conveniences, beautifully. As soon as you step in the lobby, you will notice the high ceilings and low-slung furniture. Founded way back in the 1920s the Quin attracted well-known artists of the day, and many considered this place to be their second home. Even today the Quin maintains the old fashion atmosphere by hosting events related to the art world. For all these reasons and more, you could say that the Quin is not just a luxurious hotel but also a cultural Institution.

The 74 Wythe

Hotels are not the only way to have a luxurious experience when visiting NYC. There are also event hosting centers that offer high-end luxury as well. A great example would be 74 Wythe. Opening soon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the 74 Wythe offers 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space to host events, conventions, and receptions. The modular design allows the space to be configured according to your needs and can accommodate up to 800 guests. Apart from the venue itself, one of the attractive features of 74 Wythe is its location. Whether it is luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants, flea markets, breweries, public transportation stops, and cultural venues, 74 Wythe is located within walking distance from all of it.

The William Vale

Another fantastic venue located in Williamsburg is William Vale. As you approach the Williamsburg location of Brooklyn, you can easily identify the building because of its unique criss-cross architecture. One of the things that make this hotel unique is that every room has a balcony that overlooks the east river and gives the viewer an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. The William Vale also has an elevated public park, a rooftop pool, retail shops, and a restaurant run by award-winning chefs. During Summer months, the hotel opens a retrofitted Airstream trailer and uses it as a restaurant.

The Standard at East Village

If you want to stay at a place where you will see pretty much all types of people, then the Standard located at East Village is the place. Some may find the eclectic crowd consisting of Wall street types to an artier crowd hobnobbing in the same area, a bit of a culture shock. But that is what the Standard at East Village is all about. This hotel was popular even in its former incarnation when it was known as the Cooper Square Hotel. You can expect to find a hip restaurant, a gay bar, and a nice courtyard garden. Since this hotel is considered a boutique hotel, expect to find smaller than usual rooms and no swimming pool. However, this is not unusual for hotels located in lower Manhattan.








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