Are you a nature lover who is visiting Hong Kong this year? Then check the flights to Hong Kong right now because every real Hongkonger often reveals the facts of the scenic countryside of Hong Kong. How about 10 Best Hiking Trails in Hong Kong?

The best way to experience all of them is to hike up a mountain. If you have any difficulty in walking, don’t worry, there are hikes to suit everyone, from relatively flat lanes in the city centre to the further uphill climb on the outer islands. Also, a professional pair of climbing shoes can provide edging stability and protect your legs from soreness. While there are so many to select from, we have highlighted some of our favourites to get you started. 

  1. Wan Chai Green Trail.

This trail leads straight up towards the green heart of Hong Kong Island from the bustling streets of Wan Chai. Although climbing up the steeply Wan Chai Gap Road is quite energy-consuming once you reach the flat Bowen Road, it won’t be a big task.  To get to the starting point you will have to head down to Tai Yuen Street.

  1. Twin Peaks and Violet Hill.

The Twins Peak Hike may be Hong Kong’s most challenging hike. It includes two uphill and downhill mountains Violet Hill and The Twins in quick sequence. The last 1,200 steps of the uphill hike would be the most unforgettable part of this hike with a lot of workout for your legs. And the Twin Peaks hiking trail is just as spectacular as it is challenging. As an outcome, Hong Kong gifts some incredible views of its diversity from the sky, mountains and lush country parks to beaches, lakes and a coastal village. 

  1. Dragon’s Back.


This one of the most popular day hikes in Hong Kong with easy access via public transport. The amazing views depend on the direction you choose to walk. This picturesque Dragon’s Back trail is ideal for a family hike on a day with good weather. It will take nearly 3 hours to reach the summit or the Big Wave Bay, where you can rest and pick some great glances at the surroundings. Weekends are often occupied and almost like a slow-moving queue, so better to do the hike during weekdays. 

  1. Lion Rock.

Although the route up the Lion Rock is full of stairs, it is challenging. The one through Fat Jong Tempe is the hardest! But the views offered are great. After 2 hours of hiking, you can see the spectacular city scenery of Kowloon and a little bit of Hong Kong Island. The last portion of the hiking trail is quite narrow and steep, but it’s worth every bit of effort. The stunning sunset, sunrise and night views must be enjoyed by everyone who visits Hong Kong. 

  1. Nam Sang Wai Wetland.


This is the hike for bird watchers! The Nam San Wai hike takes nearly 2.5 hours to complete. The whole wetland has plenty of cool spots to be explored. The walking trails are not extremely hard. This is not exactly about a panoramic view but about appreciating the scenic beauty of fishponds, rivers, birds, woods and reed beds. Carry a pair of binoculars with you!   

  1. Po Toi.

This is an island near Hong Kong, which is accessible by a ferry. Out of the few different hiking trails in this Island, choosing the Po Toi country trail would be interesting. Once you reach Nam Kok Tsui sea cliffs after passing ancient rock carvings, you can either climb up another 1,000 steps to reach the pavilion that provides a magnificent view of the entire island or you can reach Rugged Trail for some snacks and drinks. Those who have reasonable levels of fitness for beginners find Po Toi hiking as their ideal hiking trail.

  1. Circular Hike in Plover Cove Country Park.

A hiking site consists of two hiking paths, countryside and seaside. Both are found pleasant. Why is it referred to as a circular hike? That is because the hiking trails are done around a huge stunning reservoir. If you hike up to any hilltop in this area during sunset or sunrise, more spectacular sights can be captured. I suggest you hike in the afternoon, reach a hilltop, feel the sunset tasting some barbeque set up outdoors! Make sure you don’t miss Mirror Fall which is far more spectacular than Bridal Falls. 

  1. Yin Tsz Ngam.

It’s a rock of 2-meter elevation standing in Northeast of Hong Kong. It boasts some caves where bats and swallows build their nests. There’re pools within these rocks which become well-occupied diving spots during January. But you must be very careful when you do hiking in Yin Tsz Ngam, as there has been popular news about a female hiker who died, unfortunately, falling to the sea while climbing the coastal rocks. Some people have practised fishing over here. The geographical miracles of Yin Tsz Ngam include volcanic rock columns, sea caves, sea arches and sea-cut platforms.  

  1. Sunset Peak.

This is the 3rd highest peak in Hong Kong which is a great spot for stargazing! Out of the two ways up, the route from Olympic Trail would be quite convenient. It is almost 10km to walk and ignoring the hot summer season is wise. The route just after commencing the hike is smooth and gradual and the final portion is slightly challenging yet the expansive scenery from the top is truly impressive. Hike up the Sunset Peak for mesmerizing sunset views!  

  1. Ap Lei Chau to Ap Lei Pai.

This is almost a little hike of 5km long that lies on a coastal trail. It is an out-and-back hike that connects two lans via a small sandbar. Within 1 hour and 40 minutes, you can reach Mount Johnston Lighthouse. Although this isn’t a difficult hike some steep areas are aided with ropes. I recommend you to reserve a sunny day for this short hike where you can make it long by wandering around secret tide pools. 

Enjoy these 10 Best Hiking Trails in Hong Kong!





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