If you have never visited the US, then you should know that there are so many places to see. From the Grand Canyon to the Golden Gate Bridge and even Times Square. If you want to find out more, then simply take a look below. Enjoy Top Places you Need to See in the US Before you Die!

Walt Disney World- Florida

If anything encompasses the magic of Disney, it’s Disneyworld. If you want to have an amazing experience, then make sure that you take a trip on “It’s a Small World”. There are some thrilling rides and you really do get to see imagination in its purest form. If you want to sample something a bit more futuristic then make sure that you go to Tomorrowland. Fantasyland is a blast from the past, and it’s amazing to see how everything works together seamlessly. If you want to avoid some of the long lines that are commonly associated with Disney, then make sure that you get a FastPass. Look into USA travel now so you don’t miss out.

French Quarter- Louisiana

The French Quarter in New Orleans is a vibrant collage of different textures. You have courtyard gardens, cobblestone corridors and even balcony railings. The city is rich with history and you will also find that there is so much musical heritage too. This is the home of everything, from electronic dance to rock and roll, so if you are a music fan then you need to make sure that you visit this location if you can.

Times Square- New York

If you would much rather be in the heart of spectacle, then make sure that you look to Times Square. The blaring ads and signs make this the neon hub and you need to see it if you want to believe it. If you have never thought about going to New York before, then now is the time for you to change that because it is not to be missed, and it is amazing to see how bright the streets are when everything is illuminated.

Fenway Park Massachusetts

The Boston Red Sox are known for playing at Fenway Park. It’s the oldest MLB park around and it was established in 1912. Babe Ruth, Carl Yastrzemski and even Ted Williams have all stepped up to bat at this location and it is a vestige of the golden age of America. If you weren’t able to nab some tickets to the big game, then why not try your luck at Gate E, which can be found on Lansdowne Street? Just go there 90 minutes before the game is due to take place.

Mount Rushmore- South Dakota

Mount Rushmore really is stunning when you look at the scale and it’s a monumental mountainside. It’s quite possibly the boldest embodiment of the American ideal and it is also a shrine to democracy too. The mountains show the faces of Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The Presidential Trail will give you the best view of Rushmore, or if you want, you can choose to go down the Avenue of Flags. This will represent the district, territory and commonwealth of every US state so it’s interesting to say the least.

Taos Pueblo- New Mexico

This multi-storey building has been sheltering Tiwa Native Americans for over 1000 years. This alone makes it a World Heritage Site. When you pay it a visit, you will soon see that it is frozen in time and that it looks like it did when Spanish explorers arrived in the country for the very first time in 1540.  The people inside the Pueblo really are friendly and they are always happy to strike up a conversation. If you want to have the best time then make sure that you try the fry bread, which is served everywhere.

Pike Place Market- Washington

The Pike Place Market was once a riotous gathering where vendors would haggle with hundreds of customers. Now however, it’s completely different. If you have never been to this location before then now is the time for you to change that. It’s a food lover’s paradise and when you visit, you will soon see that fishmongers sell their wares alongside coffee merchants, bakeries and even restaurants. If you want to have the best time, then make sure that you visit the flower market as well. The arrangements there are very cheap and they are generous too. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the hidden gems in the area either, such as the Gum Wall which is on Post Alley.  Thousands of people have visited there and left their mark, by choosing to stick used chewing gum onto the wall.

Big Sur- California

If unending wildflowers excite you then you will love Big Sur, in California. It’s full of sea otters that swim in the kelp beds and there are also ancient forests too. You can easily hike the high ridges if you want to have a spectacular visit, and there are also 875,000 acres of wilderness too.  You can see whales and seals on the idyllic beaches too. If you don’t want to go too far, or walk too much, then you can see the sights from your car if you go to Highway 1. If you do want to camp, then make sure that you book your campsite way in advance. They are done on a first-come-first-served basis and if you do not plan out your trip then you may end up making your trip very hard work.

Grand Canyon- Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a US icon and it represents the larger-than-life ruggedness that is commonly associated with the country. The volcanic features and even the soaring sandstone walls make for a fantastic vista and it’s also a very welcoming place if you want to have a year-round adventure. The best free activity you could do here would be for you to watch the water splash against the walls of the canyon at either sunset or sunrise.

South Beach- Florida

The South Beach in Miami stretches right along the Atlantic. So many people go here to sunbathe and at night, the city completely transforms. The area lights up with neon and the bars all open up. This is one of the most iconic beaches in America so it is quite busy. If you want to avoid the crowds, then you need to try and head to either the Mid or North beach.

Golden Gate Bridge- California

If you choose to stand on the 1.7 mile-long bridge, then you will be able to feel it sway in the wind. The Golden Gate Bridge was designed to try and handle earthquakes, high wind and a lot of traffic. The power is palpable as you stand and take in the bay islands. In the afternoon, you can see the red towers poke up from the thick fog underneath and this can provide you with an amazing experience to say the least. If you want to walk the bridge then you should know that this will take you around an hour, so plan the rest of your day according to this.

Las Vegas Sign- Nevada

A trip to the Strip would never end up being a success if you didn’t come back with a photo of the huge sign. The flashy sign is a testament to the Las Vegas spirit, and it is in the primary colours of the area as well. When you see this sign, you know that your adventure is really about to start. People usually take their picture in front and centre of the sign but if you want to get the best result then make sure that you scoot over a bit as this will give you a completely unique angle that will look way better in your photo.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial- Washington DC

Washington DC really has had its fair share of monuments, but if you only have time to see one of them, then you need to make sure that it is this one. The commanding columns are recognisable to say the least and the graceful steps make for a great resting spot. If you want to get the best view then it is vital that you go during the cherry blossom season, which is in the spring. This will make your view even more spectacular.

Millennium Park- Illinois

Chicago gets super-hot in the summer. If you want to cool down, then why not head on over to the Millennium Park? There you will find a 50-foot glass tower and there is even a cooling fountain too. The Bean is also another very captivating structure. It’s made out of polished steel and the way that it reflects is amazing to say the least. It’s possible for you to get a free, guided tour of the Lurie Garden too, which is five acres. You won’t want to miss out on this when you go to Chicago, so add it to your to-do list if you want to have the best time.




Enjoy Top Places you Need to See in the US Before you Die