While international travel restrictions are still in place, why not go on a classic American road trip? It’s a once in a lifetime experience that is waiting to be ticked off a lot of people’s bucket lists. The great thing about road trips is that you get to choose the destination and the budget. Be sure to drive safely on your trip, have plenty of rests between drives and have a good car accident lawyer on hand should you need. Enjoy these 7 Spectacular American Road Trips.

Take in the stunning scenery along the way,  whether it’s Appalachian mountains on the horizon or nothing but the wild deserts of the west. Cruise down the California coastline, lap up the luxury in the sun, and discover your own beautiful beaches. Here are eight amazing ideas for a summer road trip across the states this year.

Tip: If you are from another country and planning a road trip then you need to get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

San Francisco to Salt Lake City


This stunning route starts off on the west coast in the chilled fisherman’s city of San Francisco and takes you through several national parks, Arizona State and Utah. The trip can take as long as you desire but a good halfway point is the Grand Canyon National Park, which is a 13-hour drive from San Francisco. From there to Salt Lake City you’ll need about 11 hours, give or take.


If you drive north first you can easily reach Lake Tahoe another American Road Trips, for hiking, water sports with a perfect for of the Sierra mountains. Then heading south you pass through spectacular national parks including Yosemite and Death Valley. You might want to crank up the AC if you’re traveling in the summer. Why not think about a luxury stopover in Vegas on your way to Utah?


One of my friends actually wanted you to know her tip is to take a San Francisco party bus rental for your road trip!




Discover the California Coast

The route along the pacific coast highway takes you to plenty of remote locations that you would never expect to discover on road between LA and San Fransisco. This is one of the world’s most famous road trips due to the stunning views and stopovers on the way. Here are some of the best stops on the LA to San Francisco route


Chicago to New Orleans


Driving down from Chicago to New Orleans you get to experience southern charm at its best. Take a stop in St. Louis, the birthplace of Lincoln and pass through Graceland, home to the king of rock n roll. Sample the delicious Creole cuisine on your way down to New Orleans.


Chicago to New Orleans in total takes around 14 hours. You can decide how often you want to stop and where. Figure out your budget and how long you want to be on the road. To refresh and rejuvenate when you finally arrive, check out the best luxury hotels in New Orleans


Miami to Key West American Road Trips

This route is unique because it’s made up of an overseas highway and 42 bridges in total. Key West is the furthest out of the Florida Keys and the views en route are breathtaking. The drive takes around 3 and a half hours, but you can explore on the way.


If you feel like indulging yourself a little this summer, why not go for the luxury option? Have your itinerary organized for you and enjoy a bit of pampering. You could even try a champagne cruise on the waters of Key West. 



The Blue Ridge Parkway


The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders its way through the Appalachian mountains, across Virginia and North Carolina. The all-American road is 469 miles, making it the country’s longest linear park. The route links Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with miles of scenic beauty in between. In total it’s about a 10-12 hour drive.


Along the way, you can stop the car to enjoy the many hiking trails, waterfalls and panoramic views. Fall is the perfect season to drive this spectacular route, as you can witness the evening sun bouncing off the golden leaves. Check out this interactive parkway map, to help you plan your trip.  


Route 66

This is the longest one on the list and might take a little more planning. Route 66 American Road Trips crosses the whole country from Chicago to Los Angeles and is a total of 2,400 miles, spanning eight individual states. Figuring out all your stops on the way will require some thought and budgeting. Definitely make the most of the latest budget software to help you plan all your expenses.  


This is the trip of a lifetime however and you’ll discover historical parts of America you’ve never heard of. Sometimes it’ll feel like you’re stuck in the 1930s. If you want to go off route a little you have the opportunity to visit many cities and sights, including the Grand Canyon. 


This legendary road trip is all about the journey. You’ll be reminiscing about it for the rest of your lives. Be prepared for a longer trip and make sure you’re prepared in case you get in any unfortunate scrapes on the way. Take a travel first aid kit and plenty of supplies. 




New York to New England


New York is the perfect place to start your road trip. Take in the famous sights of the big apple before you hit the road. It’s not far to drive to New England and Boston, so you’ll be able to plan your days quite easily. Boston is about 3 and a half hours from New York so it makes a good midway point to break up the journey.


Make a stopover in Boston and hike the city’s Freedom Trail. Boston is steeped in fascinating history, it’s where the forefathers arrived on the Mayflower in the 17th century. Visit Cape Cod and step back in time and appreciate its historical maritime character.


Finally, continue north into New England where you can visit Rhode Island and its iconic architecture, quaint seaside towns such as Mystic, Connecticut and the stunning countryside of Vermont. Find out more information here, from the ultimate guide to New England road trips


There are so many stunning places to visit this year and the best way to do it is overland. That way you get to take in the breathtaking scenery and charming culture along the way. I hope you enjoyed American Road Trips.