You may be missing your spa days lately, or struggling to find a salon treatment that suits you. The truth is that you can have a spa day at home by doing it yourself. Taking some time for some self-care and pampering is a great idea, and you are in charge. You can have the perfect at-home spa day, and pamper yourself properly. Here’s how.

Set the Stage

Having a spa day at your own home may not sound appealing, and that may be because your home can be quite a chaotic place. It can be hard to get some ‘me’ time in a busy family home.

Try and pick a time when you will have the house to yourself e.g. a night when the kids at are a friend’s house and you can send your significant other on an errand. Once you have your home to yourself, you can set the stage by clearing an area of any distractions and changing the lighting a little. Play some of your favorite relaxing music and pour yourself a drink.

Make It Your Spa Session

You should personalize your at-home spa day to suit you and center it around your favorite activities. Do you like a long soak? Then put your bath time in the middle of your schedule as the main event. Ready to pamper yourself?  If you like a face mask, make sure that is a part of your day, but likewise if they are not your sort of thing, then leave them off the list. Pamper yourself with your favorite treatments and leave everything else for another day.

Start at The Top and Work Your Way Down

When it comes to applying treatments, you want to start at the top of your body and work your way down, top to toe. This is the best way to pamper yourself.

Start with a hair mask, hair scrub or deep conditioner. Give your hair the care it needs from root to tip. Make sure you cover the whole of your scalp; don’t miss out any spots at the sides or back.

After your hair, move down to your face and neck. If you like a face mask, now is the time to use it. Make sure you have removed any make up of jewelry and accessories, so you are starting with a clean face to cleanse and moisturize. 

Once you have treated your face, pay close attention to the areas around your eyes. Just a couple of slices of cucumber may be all you need, but if you suffer from puffy or darkened skin under your eyes you should look for a specific treatment to address it.

Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet to Pamper Yourself 

Many people forget about their hands and feet when they are pampering themselves and doing some self-care, but they should not be neglected.

Make sure your hands are moisturized and you have given your nails some attention. Try to avoid polish and use this as an opportunity to leave your nails bare for cleansing and repair.

Your feet will probably go through a lot in an average working week, so they require some special care. Remove dead skin with scrubs or a pumice stone, and then moisturize and treat your feet and toenails just like you did with your hands.

A Good Night of Sleep is an Important Element

Possibly the most important part of a spa day is the night of sleep you get afterwards. Nothing relieves stress like good sleep; it’s called beauty sleep for a reason!

You want to sleep on a high quality mattress, and for extra comfort you want an adjustable bed frame that can give your body the support and self-care it needs while you sleep.

Spa days in salons and retreats can be incredibly expensive, and still not give you the treatments you want or your body needs. If you pamper yourself at home, you can have the perfect spa day.









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