The world may have come to an almost complete stop in the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this time to think about your next luxury getaway. Holiday planning is always a lot of fun and even if you haven’t booked a luxury accommodation yet, you can certainly dream!  

So, pick out your favorite pair of sunglasses, apply some sunscreen and take your laptop into the garden. There’s plenty of planning to do.  

Beach Holidays

After so much time spent at home, lots of people will be craving some time with nature. And what could be more luxurious than a beach holiday? Well, a private island might be nice! With the sea and sand right in front of you and a small staff to cater for your every need, it’s difficult to imagine anything better. 

White sands, clear seas and warm sunshine are all crucial elements in the perfect luxury beach holiday but some of the best resorts go over and above. In fact, some of the very best destinations even have their own private airports. That’s the kind of door to door service we like! 

Cruising Holidays

Cruising holidays are one of the most indulgent and aspirational getaways, offering travelers of all ages a chance to luxuriate in creature comforts and beauty. As such, there is no shortage of cruise destinations around the world ready to be explored, including The Greek Islands, the Galapagos Islands, the Mexican Riviera, and many others. Recently, Croatia has been one of the most popular choices for passengers seeking a pristine holiday escape. Croatian cruises in 2023 will become increasingly popular as visitors explore the country’s stunning coastline and waterfront cities like Dubrovnik and Split. From Croatian beaches to Croatian wine tastings, there is certainly something for everyone in Croatia; even the most seasoned traveler will enjoy all the sights this destination has to offer.

Spa Weekends

If you need to relax, a spa weekend is an ideal option. Spending time steaming, bathing and meditating will bring you back to your centre and calm your nerves. There are plenty of spa weekend options and even more ways to relax than you could imagine. Whether you are after a holistic break covering fitness, nutrition and medical assessments or you want something a little more like lounging by a pool before your next massage, there is a spa weekend for everyone.

Of course, if you are feeling in need right now, there are a few spa treatments you can do at home. There are a few easy recipes for scrubs, masks and bath bombs you can try that are made with just a few ingredients. A good trick is to create a steam room in your bathroom by turning up the temperature on your water heater and filling the bath. This will create plenty of steam – just remember to dial the temperature back when you’re done! 

City Breaks

Cities around the world are currently deserted and look particularly weird without their usual bustling crowds. It may well be a while before normal service is resumed and this could actually be a good opportunity for cities to reconsider how they function too. 

For some people, the desire to visit favorite cities again will be overpowering. Rome, Paris, New York, London and Singapore are all fascinating places and seeing them again, no matter how many times you’ve visited before, is always alluring. But, since you have time to research, now could be a good chance to consider some smaller cities and towns

You might not be able to go on any of these holidays soon but there is a comfort in planning for the future and considering where you might like to go. Besides, judging by your taste, you could use a few months to save up!


Image Credit: Pexels CC0 Licence