There’s no question you are all wondering what to do during these days. Do you also wonder how to market during quarantine? Yes these are uncertain times and many of us are in quarantine, but don’t forget your current and potential customers. We must as bloggers and businesses stay active and react to this current situation and be proactive and prepare for what is to come after these dark days. What we do now may make the difference of how we come out on the other side.

Yes we know this is an unprecedented situation including quarantines, travel restrictions, supply shortages and also social distancing. We don’t have to be cut off from one another. Just this morning I did a group fitness class in a  Facebook Group for Barre3 members who have had their studio closed down due to coronavirus.  Technology is our friend now more than ever. Yes Mark Z. I hate to admit that now, but this is how others are staying connected for all aspects of their lives – both personal and business. It has allowed many people to carry on their business in many different ways than they ever did before. One main thing I can say is do not forget to market during these times. With so many eyes on screens for extended times your marketing funds are worth more than ever.

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So the question should not be How to Market during Quarantine but how MUCH to market during quarantine. Time to get to work.

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