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Are you a gal on the go? I seem to always be heading somewhere and running a little behind, whether it is around the world or down the street. One of the main things I forget to do is shave! This can sometimes not be an issue, but what if you are heading to the beach or a wedding? Heading back to the shower then is not an option. Soaping up is not something one can do after they are dressed for an event or day out. I never really thought that there was a remedy for this predicament…until I received a package in the mail.

Well we all know that as bloggers, many of us get a lot of UPS deliveries. This one was different. I immediately out of curiosity opened the box. It was a Philips SavinShave Advanced Razor.  I charged the lovely little white and pink razor up and thought, well I will read the directions later.  Guess what? No directions needed. After it charged, I used it right at my desk! You can use it wet or dry. Using it dry to me was a life changer. 


Guess what? The very next week,  I was headed to a wedding shower and needed to run by the store to get some flowers. Yes I was running late and did not even think I had time to do it all. Well I did! I grabbed my Philips SatinShave Advanced and threw it in my purse. Then as I was shopping and waiting on the rest of my party to finish up, I decided to get it done – what do you say? I pulled out my Philips SatinShave Advanced right there and made sure my legs were smooth as satin before the wedding shower! Right there, it was so quick that no one even glanced over. I felt so empowered and prepped for the day!

Okay let me tell you, yes it made me feel like a BOSS! I got the job done – efficiently and quickly. You can get one too the next time you are at Amazon. Use promo code SATINSHAVE online for 10% off! Make your life a bit easier and get there on time with the help of Philips SatinShave Advanced like me! 



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