One of my gifts to you this year (other than all of the Instagram Giveaways) is a PSA (Public Service Announcement)  The holidays are upon us and yes this is suppose to be a time of reflection and reconnection with our family and friends. Other than family and friends you may have another visitor for the holiday season – below normal health. Also this holiday season and many other times throughout the year is a time when health is very often sacrificed. Celebrations and holiday cheer most always includes more sugar, travel and family that can contribute greatly to more stress, and all that shopping and planning and getting everyone else ready for the holidays (can I get an Amen moms) means those other priorities shift away from those that should be always number one our health self care. AND I have found something that can help us all out and be our partner in our health this time of year and every time of year – SEED

FYI – these views are my own and not those of Seed or Mamavation.They did gift me some items including a comfy sweatshirt and educate me with SEED University so I could make my own decision about their product. 

As we all go all out for the holidays or take them relaxing at home – this a gentle reminder that your body is your first priority and the home to you and to the community of 38,000,000,000,000 microorganisms that live in and on you.

I pledged not to abandon my routines this year during the holiday season. And that begins with taking my Daily Synbiotic every morning—so I can nurture my world within at a time it needs it most.
Seed’s Daily Synbiotic combines 24 clinically-verified, naturally-occurring, probiotic strains with plant-based prebiotics sourced from Indian pomegranate, Scandinavian chaga mushroom, and pine bark that confer systemic benefits including digestive health, skin health, heart health, gut immune function, gut barrier integrity, and micronutrient synthesis. It also comes in amazing sustainable packaging. Your first month includes a glass jar for monthly refills, and a complimentary travel vial (perfect for trips). Monthly Refills come in a bio-based, compostable oxygen + moisture protection pouch, which is further protected by corn foam —it’s biodegradable, backyard compostable, edible, and dissolves in water (seriously, try it).

Use my code SPATRAVELGAL15 for 15% off the first month of your Daily Synbiotic subscription. 

Yes at this time of the year and others when disruption happens to your daily routines, your body does take a toll and that includes your microbiome too, So I  have some tips to help nourish and nurture your whole self through the season. Thank you Seed for sharing them with me! 


7  Ways to Consider your Microbiome this Holiday Season

  1. Control Your Sweet Tooth
  2. Leave (A Lot Of) Room For Vegetables
  3. Take It Easy On The Eggnog
  4. Stick To Your Routines
  5. Manage Your Stress Levels
  6. Layer Up And Go Outside
  7. Take A Daily Probiotic


Yes I consider after graduating from the SEED University, that #7 Take a Daily Probiotic is the most important. Yes I knew this before that probiotics were good for us. I spent numerous periods of time in my life when I paid attention to my intake, but now I know why they are important and that I need to pick the habit back up. 


PSA/Public Service Announcement continues….

Per SEED,” the holidays often come like a tidal wave, sweeping us off our feet and out of the routines we’ve built to keep ourselves happy and healthy. Many of us don’t find footing again until January. As you’ve learned, it doesn’t have to be this way.” 

We are all very capable of making better daily life choices that are much better for our health. Beyond the usual eating right and making good lifestyle choices – probiotics (and yes prebiotics) are nice  tools to take care of your ‘microbial’ half—and your human half too. 

SEED makes scientifically validate probiotics that can have many whole body benefits. Seed tell me great probiotics can shorten the length of the common cold (WOW) and also increasing the efficacy of that dreaded flu shot. Also a very important one is to help maintain digestive health during travel. 

This post was sponsored by SEED.