Taiwan is full of many natural wonders that are so beautiful which everyone should have Taiwan on their travel bucket list. Let’s discover together the natural beauty of Taiwan. #taiwantourism This post was sponsored by Taiwan.

What Mountains Should I Visit in Taiwan

There are many extremely beautiful regions in Taiwan’s central mountain range that most would place on a bucket list, but after research I placed this one on the natural beauty of Taiwan bucket list – Shei-Pa National Park. This makes it to the list because the unspoiled park is an amazing place to visit. Nearby, you will find of Hsinchu (新竹), Miaoli (苗栗) and Taichung (台中). Shei-Pa National Park has amazing mountain views that just scream natural beauty. What a mountain range that epitomizes the natural beauty of Taiwan.

How High is the Natural Beauty Mountains of Taiwan


One extremely highest mountain range is Xueshan (雪山). The 3,886 meters makes it the second highest peak and a part of the natural beauty of Taiwan. You will find a few visitors here due to the natural beauty. Also nearby are spectacular valleys to also be seen. All the different ecosystems make the area an abundant with both animal and plant life.

Another amazing mountain is Mountain Jade. Yu Shan or Yushan, also known as Mount Jade, Jade Mountain, or Mount Yu, is the absolute highest mountain in Taiwan Island. It is 3,952 meters above sea level. That makes it the 4th-highest mountain elevation of any island in the world.

Hehuan Mountain is a spectacular mountain. This magnificent mountain rises up to 3,422meters in the sky in the central part of Taiwan. This mountain peak lies on the borders of both Nantou and Hualien counties. You can find this mountain in Taroko National Park. Hehuanshan is a very popular destination in Taiwan.

Where would Spa Travel Gal Find Natural Beauty in Taiwan?

Spa Travel Gal would find natural beauty in Taiwan where she could find a wellness activity. How about Forest Bathing in Taiwan?  Kenting National Forest Recreation Area – 墾丁國家公園 is a place to find a serene location for forest bathing – an activity I myself do at least twice a week near my own home. Kenting National Forest Recreation Area as banyan trees fills the area.  These trees have expansive and giant roots that wind their way through the landscape.

Where are the Hot Springs in Taiwan?

Hot springs are Spa Travel Gal’s top pick for natural beauty areas of Taiwan. Ever since the ancient times, people from various regions (such as England and Rome) have soaked in hot springs to rejuvenate their bodies and minds with these natural springs.

Our earth has given us these natural areas of hot springs for renewal and to refresh us.  We owe it to Mother Earth to visit some of these natural beauties and Taiwan holds many of them. Taiwan is ranks among the world’s top 15 areas for hot spring. It has great concentrations of them in all regions with a great variety of hot springs, cold springs, mud springs and seabed hot springs. I am excited just thinking about visiting. I hope to get to see them myself one day.

I know just one visit to these hot springs can help keep us in good health. They have positive effects on both our nervous and digestive systems. So for the better of your health start planning your trip to Taiwan!

Did you know that Taiwan is now ranked among the top 15 hot spring places in the world? I definitely need to visit a few! How about you?

What other regions in Taiwan are beautiful?

Well that question is for you to decide. Check out Taiwan’s website. It is the heart of Asia and a place you must discover for yourself.