Okay that time of year is now here..no not the holiday season, but the one where you make resolutions about your health and wellbeing. With most of these resolutions come a more active life. With activity sometimes we get some little issues that are not so welcomed. What if I told you I had found a way to ease your woes when it comes to the stress of urinary incontinence? Many have found the device to be a welcome treatment option for those of us that experience leaks with sneezing, running, jumping, etc. Check out ELITONE, an at-home muscle stimulator for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. 


ELITONE is a woman’s owned company, so they know women’s needs and concerns. With Elitone you can regain control and regain confidence! Did you know that 1 in 3 women have some form of incontinence? ELITONE wants to make that 0 in 3! 


ELITONE wants everyone to know this is not an ailment that you have to get as you get older, but one that is treatable with nonsurgical options. I was super excited about that. Any surgery causes a lot of downtime which increases stress.  Spa Travel Gal is all about stress free options. If you let your condition gets to the point of no return, you can expect more accidents. ELITONE wants to help treat this condition early before it gets too far. Usage can get rid ease the condition and your stress about accidents. What could be easier than an in home treatment! Many OB GYNs are also super excited to have this option for their patients. 


I am excited to tell you more about Elidah, the company that gives us this amazing option ELITONE. Elidah is a woman-owned FemTech medical device company established in 2014 to help

women who suffer from incontinence. Elidah is developing technologies that integrate recent advances in wearable devices, biomaterials and mobile interfaces to deliver innovative

therapeutic solutions that are non-invasive, comfortable and convenient. Elidah is led by entrepreneur Gloria Kolb, Founder and CEO, an MIT- and Stanford-trained engineer whose previous accolades include Boston’s 40 under 40 and MIT Technology Review’s World Top Innovators Under 35 (TR35).



Quote:  I would recommend ELITONE system to anyone battling incontinence. The muscle stimulation was the best part to me. You can actually feel it working. Nothing but positive results. Thank you. I am forever grateful. – Linda F, NY


Okay you know that Spa Travel Gal must turn it all back to travel tips. Here are my – 

 Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Incontinence

  1. Pack extra clothing in case of accidents
  2. Be prepared with items to sanitize when accidents happen 
  3. Carry white vinegar to neutralize odors 
  4. Always review where the closest restrooms are located
  5. Begin treatment to reduce leaks with ELITONE



Once you receive your device, there is a great user manual included with the product, but there is also a great video on the ELITONE website that is also a good place to start. 


Two main tips for successful treatment:


  1.       Positioning matters. So if you aren’t feeling good contractions, try moving forward or backwards a little (usually backwards for most people.)  You do need good skin contact, so you may need to shave if you aren’t getting good skin contact and you might want to press it on. Try it sitting down as well (it presses the GelPad onto the skin).


  1.       Biggest improvement we saw for success was consistency and intensity. We do recommend that you go as high as possible while being comfortable.  Sometimes after a few minutes (when the surface gets a little numb) you can actually go higher.