Everybody loves a good pair of denim jeans, don’t they? It’s hard to imagine someone going an entire year without wearing these versatile, comfortable, and stylish pants at least once! However, as great as jeans can be, there’s always some room for improvement. There are a few simple hacks that can totally one-up your jeans, whether it’s a pair you don’t really wear anymore, a pair you like but just aren’t perfect, or even a pair you’re close to throwing away because of an annoying stain you can’t remove. Read on to discover some awesome hacks for denim jeans.

Rolled-up is fashionable

If the hem of your jeans are just a touch too long, especially if you’re wearing them with heels, then it makes total sense to simply roll them up an inch or two. It’s a cool look that’s beginning to trend and it only takes a few tries to get the perfect cuff. If you’re not a fan of that idea, then simply take them to a tailor and they can cut off a bit of length and re-sew the hem again. Tailors can also tighten or loosen some areas, so simply ask them to remodel your jeans (for a fee, of course).

Try some cutoffs or even create denim shorts

If you really don’t like the hem of your jeans, then remove them and turn your jeans into cutoffs! This means the length will end just above your shins, say 3-4 inches from your knees. It’s a fun, hippy-ish summer girl look that works especially well if you have ultra-fashionable floral pattern jeans. You should only cut jeans that you’re unlikely to keep wearing, as once you cut, you can’t go back! As for cutting jeans into denim shorts, once you’ve got the right length, you could even try bleaching and distressing them to shake things up.

Try not to over-wash your jeans

Jeans usually look and feel better when they haven’t been washed for a while, furthermore, denim is pretty durable stuff and can handle a lot! If you’re at the point where you’ve worn them around 8-10 times and think that a wash is inevitable, then you might have to throw them in the washing machine. Some people swear by avoiding washing machines entirely and placing them in the freezer overnight (inside a plastic bag) to kill any bacteria and bad smells, but there are some good tips here for how to wash jeans properly without making them shrink or fade.

Decorate your jeans with a bleach pen

Another idea for either blue or black jeans that have been pushed to the back of your wardrobe is to have at them with a bleach pen. If there was a food stain that you could never quite remove, then you could paint over it with the bleach pen and continue adding spots over the entire jeans to create a funky polka dot pattern. You could also try adding some interesting fabric patches to the back pockets, as DIY additions to jeans are definitely in right now.

Embrace the rips

Some jeans start to rip and fray of their own accord, but as ripped jeans are very rock ‘n’ roll – particularly skinny jeans – then you may as well start including some more splits! Add some more rips to the knees and thigh area (don’t go too crazy in other parts) and consider a different style by wearing tights underneath. This works well when it starts to get a bit cold after fall arrives and you still want to keep wearing ripped jeans.