The past year I have received a ton of cosmetic procedures, so you know I have my opinions on many types of medical spa treatments. Also I am always researching all the options out there. Recently while I was actually looking up some new types of cool facials, I ran into Sono Bello being offered at a location near me.  I found out that Sono Bello  is a national leader in laser liposuction and body contouring. I don’t know about you, but both of those are on my radar. I had heard of  in the past, but now I discovered that in just over a decade, Sono Bello has grown into an industry leader with 60+ locations spanning across the United States. I looked it up and YES there is one near me! Great! 


Charlotte, NC is the location near me. I have had multiple procedures for body contouring and sculpting, so I am super excited about learning more. I am placing gaining more knowledge on Sono Bello on my 2020 must-dos. We all need help in this area. I am eager to possibly have a new partner. 

2019 has brought me on a wellness journey of multiple procedures, and a healthy lifestyle. I deserve to get some help for the final process of my image. 


After reviewing their website out just a bit, I found that they are easy to partner with on this journey. Sono Bello is so easy and convenient. The procedure is also extremely affordable compared to other options. 


Many times there are many misconceptions around liposuction.   completely explains their process to you and gives you all the real details. So let’s learn together by taking a look here at their blog. Let’s kickstart our life. I found out on the Sono Bello blog that people are leading amazing lives after having their procedures. Take a look at some testimonies

Top Things I Have Learned about Sono Bello

 offers different types of procedures

 helps you pick the best procedure for you and your goals.  

there are many misconceptions about lipo

  is minimally invasive

  is extremely affordable

  is not just for those with a model body

  take minimal downtime

 has already performed over 150,000 procedures

has over 125+ Board Certified Plastic & Facial Plastic Surgeons

  has more than 60+ locations nationwide

  customizes each procedure to give you best results


What do you think? Should I get Sono Bello in 2020? 

  “This post was sponsored by Sono Bello. All opinions are my own.”