Thank you VisitorsCoverage for sponsoring this post. VisitorsCoverage gives you peace of mind while traveling.

Today is packing day and my mind is whirling. What should I wear while in France and what should I make sure I have in my purse to keep my trip on- course. There are a ton of worries when one travels. Even for someone like me who loves to wander wisely as a nomad, has her fears of something going wrong on a trip. So before I embarked on this trip I started researching ways to have more peace of mind while I travel here or abroad. I decided to check out travel insurance.

I found a company called VisitorsCoverage, a one-stop shop that specializes in travel insurance. They offer short-term, temporary travel medical insurance policies that provide health, injury and travel emergency coverage while you travel. I don’t want anything to stop anyone from exploring the world, so I thought I would share this option with you.

Here are a few things I discovered after reading more about VisitorsCoverage. They have issued policies to all types of travelers including visitors, families, business travelers, solo travelers, international students, green card holders and expats. It is perfect for all.

I hadn’t realized how costly medical care can be when you travel abroad. Visitor Medical Insurance can help you if the need arises and save you hundreds of dollars. See in the photos how stress free I look on my past trip? I want to feel that way no matter where I travel around the globe.

Most of my trips have a wellness focus like my most recent one last month to Charleston. I was pretty carefree on that trip, but I was also not far from home. My next trip is to Paris, France and the last thing I want to do is stress more about medical needs during the trip. Did you know that travel insurance goes perfectly with a wellness focused trip? It allows you to keep exploring with confidence and without worry—allowing you to wander more and worry less. That is definitely a good thing.

For those of us that travel a lot, we need all the funds we can get to aid our wander. A hefty, unexpected medical bill while traveling can put a big dent in our travel budgets, so I was very interested in learning more about VisitorsCoverage. I am on my way to France on a luxury barge tour to taste local wines and cheeses in the Alsace region.

Okay you know I am all about being stress free! Well, I now know a way to a more stress-free trip. Having travel insurance ensures that you can focus on your trip and worry less.

Before your next trip, make sure you look into travel insurance with VisitorsCoverage. Knowing you are covered gives you freedom to explore more! Who is ready to explore more? I know I am!

Packing will now include more than just my favorite handbag and necklace. It will include travel insurance as a perfect addition to everything else I take along.

So before packing like I am today, be sure to check out your options for travel insurance like I did and let’s all travel stress free! You can also learn more about VisitorsCoverage and what they offer by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s make all travel as stress free as I felt on my last road trip to Charleston!

So relax more and get travel insurance before your next trip.