Today I want to let YOU in on what is my little secret.  Well it will not be a secret for long, since this program has worked better for everyone I know that has used it – BETTER than any other weight loss program they have tried before. Two weeks ago I started Noom and it has taught me so much – like my salad was making me fat.  Thank you Noom for letting me know that my salad was making me fat and a lot of other things that I was living off of on a daily basis that I had no idea should not be in my food rotation at all!

Okay now you may say Ava you are a wellness and spa expert.  Yes that is so – SO that is why I know I understand the why and how Noom works.  Remember, I have been to a few major health and weight loss retreats such as Golden Door in San Diego and The Pritikin in Miami plus others.  They both work in different ways. When I returned from each I took what worked for me and stayed in shape for a few years. Then all the travelling started to take a toll on my health.  I knew I had to do something quick – since I was losing my health but not my weight. Travel Writers and Travel Bloggers are tempted with so much food and wine – my willpower had wilted…..

So, I started Noom and I can say that they have taken all the best aspects from all the other weight loss plans and added not only their own twist but so much more.  

One of my favorite aspects of the Noom weight loss program is that their weight loss tips are 100% guaranteed to be rooted in psychology, backed by science and supported by sociology.  All of which I really needed to stay on track. There is always an elephant that looks like a cream puff calling your name. Noom helps you know how to tame the beast with a proven plan.

I bet you have been to some of those weight loss meetings where you weigh in each week.  Yes those work for some people, but their support is only 1 hour a week. With Noom you get a Weight Loss Plan and a Weight Loss Group there for you almost 24/7 – literally in your back pocket.  Talk about accountability and support!

Support and Accountability was exactly what I needed and it WORKED.

After just two weeks I am down 4 pounds – and that is real pounds! Those of you that have dieted before know what I mean.  Those are pounds that I can feel that I lost and the scales confirm it. I am learning to love my scales and I get excited each morning before I step on them.

What does Noom do that others don’t? Well not only do you have access to a weight loss experts and a group of like-minded individuals at all times, it also allows you to scan your food easily to count calories.  It also color codes your food choices to help you eat more lower calorie dense foods. Some may surprise you! Remember I mentioned my salad was making me fat. Each day I made the same salad – little did I know that salad was sabotaging me each day after I added the Olive Garden croutons, walnuts, and Yum Yum salad dressing.  Noom did not tell me I could not have them, I just needed cut back on them – way back. I had no idea how many calories were in my salad (around 800) until I scanned my food.

But wait – Noom is way more than a food scanner – it educates you and give you psychological tips to use throughout your day.  Did you know all calories are not created equal? Find out more tips now and get on your way to a healthier fitter You!

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This post was sponsored by Noom and contains affiliate links