Did you know that I am the founder of Skincare Sunday? Back when I had a 9-5 desk job and little kids, Sunday was the only time I had to do that little bit of extra for myself, thus #SkincareSunday was created. We had a ton of twitter chats about it when that was the “thing” and discussed what we all wanted to do for our own self care that Sunday! Today I can make any day Skincare Sunday and so can you. This week I am utilizing a few products from Pure Romance – YES they have great skin care products. Let’s check them out together this week and do something special for ourselves.

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Did you know that Pure Romance has a lot of great bath & beauty products that you just must know about now! I did not realize they had this product line until recently. Then just a few days later I was at a dinner with a few friends and they were all talking about the Coochy conditioning shave cream. Yes I said that out loud at a party and at least 3 girls started singing its praises.

My pal Brandí Musso Starbuck just loves it and says “I was gifted a bottle of coochy cream a few months ago and was a bit hesitant. The name – albeit giggle-enticing- was intimidating! Did my “coochy” need cream? When I read the back of it, I realized it was shaving lotion! Well, that I could get behind. The first time I tried it I was pleasantly surprised. It smelled amazing, went on smooth, and I shaved my legs without any nicks or scraps. The best part was when I got out of the shower, my skin felt supple and soft! And so smooth! This cream is the best! I am now a believer!!!”

I can say that I totally agree with her and am a believer now too. So much so that today I am having an unofficial Skincare Sunday (it is not Sunday) and heading to my tub to now try Skinny Dip. You know we all skinny dip every day in the shower or tub, so why not have fun with it? Pure Romance’s Skinny Dip has a soft lovely scent without being overpowering.  Sometimes we just want to smell like a girl and not a pile of gardening herbs.  Love Story leaves one smelling so lovely, but definitely not like their grandma.

Here is a great tip for your next getaway with your man.  Sneak some Titan products into his duffle bag! We know we love our man to smell great.  It is only for his own benefit – wink-wink!

What are you going to do with your Skincare Sunday this week?