Serenity is sometimes illusive. One most always thinks of spas when they search for serenity, but sometimes relaxation does not require a spa. Cabo, Mexico offers activities that fuel your soul and relax one with simple but luxurious serene pleasures – such as a cooking class with your toes in the sand, the perfect breeze on a sunset sail, a gentle horseback ride on the beach or the perfect meal.

Add on that spa day for the prefect serenity finding vacation! Cabo has so much to offer – take a look at five ways to find serenity with these activities. Serenity is not illusive in Cabo at the Royal Solaris.

Creative Cooking on the Beach

What could be more exhilarating to a foodie or others than learning to cook ceviche on the beach by a world-class trained head chef. Chef Hans was so focused on the perfect ceviche to serve us beachside but we were full of questions. After some gentle requests we discovered his secret to delectable food. It was his extensive experience both cooking and delighting guests around the world. Each bite’s perfection was evident to his skill and inspired me to come home and make my own ceviche for my family. You can be inspired too. Find Chef Hans in Cabo at Royal Solaris and many of his other creative creations to delight your plate! Cooking with your toes in the sand is fun.

Sunset Sail to Land’s End

There are many type of sunset sails one can experience in various areas around the world, but one of the most calming and serene has to be a venture to Land’s End! Once you reach this on your own sunset sail through Cabo Adventures, a pause has to be made to take it all in. Then you can check it off your bucket list as having seen one of the most desired scenes in the world.

Horseback Riding on the Beach

While a day on the beach may be all one needs to find their serenity – making that day extra special will definitely create a precious memory. While I was under the spell of the ocean waves by the pool at Royal Solaris I noticed some majestic beasts coming my way – actually it was a herd of gentle horses. At a moment’s notice my pals and I knew this was something we just had to experience. This summer I had a horseback riding experience in Wyoming, so I knew I was up for it! The ocean breeze blowing through your hair will relieve you of any worries or woes hanging around. Try horseback riding on the beach one day in Cabo and feel free!

Dining Al Fresco

Garza Blanca is destined to be one of the most respected and luxurious hotels in the Cabo area. When the Travelocity Roaming Gnome was the Guest of Honor prior to their Grand Opening the meal served oceanside at Garza Blanca almost outshined the resort. Now that would be hard, but dining al fresco by the ocean gives one mind a balance, so one can focus on the delightful meal at hand. Most hotels in Cabo feature main outdoor dining options. So much so that dining indoors becomes a novelty. When in Cabo always choose the option of viewing the ocean and never wanting to leave the table.

Luxury Spa Days

Le Blanc in Cabo offers one of the area’s best luxury spas. The experience at BlancSpa ranks with some of the most luxurious spas in the world. There are many types of spa lovers in the world and this spa’s extensive offerings will delight all. Both elegance and assistance is around every corner at this spa. There is a level of bliss here not common to the outside world. The little touches here let you know that they care about their guests. Spa Attendants are at every turn assisting you with your next step to finding serenity. This spa has over 50 private treatment areas – 25 Le Blanc treatments suites, 9 indoor couples’ suites, 15 single suites and one Le Blanc D’Or Suite.  Their number one spa treatment is their serenity massage. I think that answers your question of what one will find here. “Serenity now!” as Frank Constanza of Seinfeld would say. He should visit La Blanc. One look at their hydrotherapy area will do the trick!


Cabo holds many luxury spas, so why only treat yourself to one spa day. The beauty of the outdoor spa lounge at Paradisus will make you almost miss your spa treatment appointment. Also the Royal Solaris offers massages not to be missed when planning your vacation.


Whether you pick one or all of the above ways to find serenity – you are destined to find your own serenity in Cabo San Lucas!





This was originally published by Ava Roxanne Stritt on Travelocity.

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