The Comfitude Velvet Weighted Blanket gives you that good nights sleep that you dreamed about. The weights in the blanket help ease your mind and body into a soothing instant relaxation. It gives off that secure feeling of being hugged.

How does this work? It works by being approximately 10% of your body weight (depending on which weight you purchase) causing a feeling of pressure called Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. Through this, your central nervous system is calmed down and can allow your anxiety and stress to simply melt away. The weights active pressure points in the body that release serotonin and melatonin to increase your improvement in mood and decrease stress hormones. Even your pets will love it! Research has shown that animals react the same way to these products as humans. This method has been used in the medical community for years to help those with sensory issues or autism feel at peace when trying to sleep.

How does the blanket produce weight? Inside there are soft polypropylene non-breakable 2MM weighted balls that are stitched inside cloth squares. By being inside separate squares, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket, so you do not have to worry about making sure it is even.

The weight is not the only great part — the blanket is soft and warm as well! It can be perfectly used as a blanket or a comforter depending on your needs. It is perfect for naps on the couch or a night’s sleep in your bed, and it is easily transferable from room to room. Also, you can remove the inner blanket inside for less warmth if needed during the warmer parts of the year.


For your perfect night’s sleep head on over to Comfitude’s website‘s website and purchase your path to a better night’s sleep!


Comfitude gifted me this blanket, but these thoughts are my own.



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