I challenge you to take the challenge to whiter teeth today! Who wants a challenge that is easy? I know I do and this challenge is so much easier than my current fitness and diet goals.

The “White Smile Challenge” is easy when you use Luster Pro Light Whitening System. It’s the latest technology for at-home teeth whitening and can whitening teeth up to 6 shades in 30 minutes!

Research shows that Luster’s Pro Light Whitening System, featuring patented Dual Power Xenon Technology, provides results that were statistically more effective in overall whitening efficacy as compared to Rembrandt 2 Hr Whitening, Crest 3D White Advanced Seal, and Go Smile. Additionally, Luster Pro Light provided statistically similar whitening results as Glo Brilliant, but in 1/3 the time!

If you want to put the Luster Pro Light Xenon technology to the test test for a whiter smile, we’d love for you to feature your smile transformation or the product in any sort of upcoming story! In clinical trials, Luster Pro Light provided the best results when combining overall efficacy and treatment time compared to the test products of Rembrandt, Crest, Go Smile and Glo Brilliant.

Let me know if you decide to try this fast and economical way to whiter teeth in 2019!