As the seasons change there is not a better time to reflect on your wellness. The combination of changes in our surroundings caused by seasons or life, leads us to needs that are not fixable by popping a pill. Sometimes the answer is almost as easy as a vacation, but what if we could combine our vacation travel with a wellness retreat. This year, plan a healthy getaway to a true destination. One that excites your senses, respects your interests and causes a step forward in your wellness journey. That destination is Le Monastère Des Augustines in  Quebec City, Canada.

Over 400 years ago the Augustinian Sisters devoted their lives to caring for Quebec’s population’s bodies and souls. Their work was responsible for laying the foundation of the province’s healthcare system. An experience there is founded in their historical study of wellness and enriched by the spirit and cultural heritage of the Augustinian Sisters. Your stay includes a tour of the Museum. Take the tour as soon as you arrive and it will open your mind to why this place just works. This unique holistic health experience is open to all cultures and beliefs.

There are many types of wellness retreats, but the traveler in us may look for more than a trail up a mountain or a downward dog. Interesting surroundings always peak my interest and Old Quebec guarantees that. Quebec City is so Europe, but so close. This Unesco World Heritage location is completely walkable and safe – add a place of serenity and wellness to be the base of your stay and this treasure just found a place on your bucket list this year. You can discover Europe in a 3-day weekend without jet lag or an expensive flight.

What is your definition of a wellness retreat and personal needs? Is your priority better sleep? My first night at Le Monastère Des Augustines brought me the unencumbered sleep of a baby. Nightly activities include movements to aid in finding peace and inspiration within yourself. When the evening falls this is your own time to slow down and gently restore your body and spirit.  Meals are lighter in the evening to also aid in a restful night of relaxation.

If sleep is not at the top of your list, there are many wellness aspects that this retreat can assist. Of course, priorities vary depending on the traveler and his or her specific needs, says

Marie-Eve Perron, manager of Le Monastere des Augustines in Canada.

“But overall, we can say that our guests are looking for a place and services that help them rest, recharge their batteries and achieve specific health goals,” she says. Those goals may be stress management, sleep management, quest for meaning or changing life habits. “They are also looking for quality healthy food and quality treatments. The atmosphere of the place must lead to relaxation, disconnection and reflection.”

Give your body and mind what it needs and let your travels move you forward on a journey.  One must live the full experience – I will be back. It is my number one wellness destination pick for you this year. Here is a taste more of what you can expect at Le Monastère des Augustines – my definition of a wellness retreat.


Haven of Peace


The historic haven, Le Monastère Des Augustines, is ranked as one of Old Quebec’s most significant heritage sites. Your beautiful room is located in the historic wings of the former Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. The restorations blend the historical aspects and modern architectural additions so effortlessly and award-worthy, that everyone is awed as they arrive.


Holistic Health


Le Monastère uses the history of holistic health to lead you on a path of wellness. Their daily cultural and holistic health activities are centered around your personal inner peace and wellbeing. They are all located in authentic areas of the monastery. The results of my yoga poses while in a room steeped with history and prayer were extremely results-oriented.  I will leave you to determine the reason why.


Healthy Nourishment


What your body uses to nourish itself is so important in the eyes of the St. Augustine Sisters. The dishes at the onsite restaurant are designed after ancestral traditions and the most recent nutritional research and breakthroughs. Seasonal, local and organic foods help to harmonize your meals with your wellness experience. Breakfast is included with your stay. The restaurant is also open to the public.  If you find yourself in Old Quebec – replace one of those rich French meals with one at Le Monastère to put that spring back in your tourist step. Don’t miss their organic teas. I brought home Simplicity – dog rose, elder, cinnamon, ginseng and fennel. Just like their entrees, the teas incorporate historical holistic knowledge.