The dream of a European cruise is one that many have these days.  All those travel shows remind us of the huge world out there that just begs for us to explore. I have taken a ton of cruises, but I have not been able to go on a European cruise yet. All my travel pal’s photos make me drool and dream about my own trip one day.

Castles are the main reason I want to go. I just can’t believe that one can be floating down a river sitting on their private balcony sipping wine or champagne and just look up and – low and behold there is a castle. My pal Nancy had me so jealous of her European cruise a while back that I almost had to stop following her on social media – just joking.

These days I am full of Canadian travel tips, but when I get back from my European cruise I would also be able to give you those tips too.  I wonder if they would stop for a European spa if I spotted one near the shore.  At least I know most offer in in-room massage during the cruise.

Do I have you thinking about a cruise massage? How about a food tour in one of those European cities that stop at during the day. I think it is great that one does not have to repack their suitcase and move every few days as most European vacations.  I remember one trip where I had 11 hotels in 14 days! Yes that was crazy and our luggage had to be outside the door at 4:00AM in the morning.

Imagine the world in your hands and all your items right near the city center in your cabin! Oh no I have to plan myself a European cruise for next year.  I have talked myself into it!





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