It’s always an exciting time when one is decorating. You’ve got to decide on a cool or serene color palette, layout a pattern of what stays and what is to go to charity.  Are you going to bust out a wall or add one? As exciting as this can be, it can also be stressful and expensive. Budgeting yourself is essential. There are plenty of ways to save a bit.  We take a look at some great little ways to make your life easier when budget decorating …

Make Your Own Art

If you are out of ideas you can even get home and wall decorating ideas from many online art galleries as well. “Wow, where did you get that from?” The worlds that will be uttered every time a guest walks through the door. “Well, actually. Me,” will be the response. There’s nothing better than getting crafty and creating your own works of art. Whether you’re a fan of Jackson Pollock, LS Lowry, or Tracy Emin you can create your own interpretations and display them proudly in your home – although we don’t recommend recreating My Bed.

Office Furniture:  Did you know that office furniture is almost indestructible? Well almost and much more that those expensive items you will find in a decorator furniture store. I love the clean lines of office furniture and you can get a great deal on single pieces. You don’t need an entire office of matching desks, so you can get a deal on a leftover desk.

Don’t Be Put Off By Space It really doesn’t matter how big or small your space is you can still make it fabulous. Of course picking the right items to display is essential, while some colors can also make a room feel bigger or smaller – most changes will make it at least make it feel fresh and thus refresh yourself today!

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