What is your next Rocky Mountaineer journey?  I get asked that question a lot form my followers on both social media and in real life! Usually I have to say I don’t know, but today I thought – let’s solve that question right now.  So, I started researching the Rocky Mountaineer website and became so excited!  Not only were there so many routes, side trips and excursions that I have not experienced, but also new ones I have so much to learn about.  Join me as I explore a few of the bucket list worthy luxury experiences that one can only have exploring the Canadian Rockies with Rocky Mountaineer.

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First let me show you the Rocky Mountaineer journey that started it all – First Passage to the West – The eastbound option starts in Vancouver, takes you to Kamloops and then you have the choice of Lake Louise or Banff as a final destination.  I was able to enjoy the fairytale like Fairmont Banff and their Willow Stream spa. This is the perfect first journey to really get a good taste of what the Canadian Rockies has to offer in amazing views and what Canada has to offer in great locations to explore.

Second let’s explore the Journey Through the Clouds passage that can also start in Vancouver with a night in Kamloops then on to Jasper. Also, a great route. I encourage you to explore the Rocky Mountaineer website to see all that is offered and create your own personal journey.

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What is the future of Rocky Mountaineer journeys? One of the newer journey options, Coastal Passage, is starting out in Seattle, USA with a stop in Vancouver to explore and then on to the rest of Canada.  You can add this to your First Passage to the West journey to cross the border by train – another bucket list item to add to your list. I want to cross borders by train, plane (done of course), foot, boat, helicopter and hot air balloon.  Yes, my list is long!

Another journey that intrigues me is the Rainforest to Gold Rush – since it has a stop in Whistler! I have never been to Whistler – so starting in Vancouver, stopping in Whistler then on to Quesnel and Jasper sounds perfect for my possible next journey.  Then I could add on the self- drive to Lake Louise, where I have always wanted to visit but have yet to find myself. The Fairmont Lake Louise has just started having Lake Louise wellness retreats so it is definitely a must-do for all serving for the perfect way to start or end their journey.  Then if I hopefully have my husband (train loving engineer) with me, a definite next stop is Banff! As an avid fly-fisherman I so want him to experience a fishing excursion while in Banff!

Okay so I have it all figured out, but what if I want more?  You know I am a luxury gal, so how big can I dream this bucket list trip?  Say what about adding a cruise?  Yes – you can do that! I would add an Alaskan cruise, so I could see whales, experience dog sled and again my avid fisherman hubbie could get his fish on too!

Want to go bigger? You can do a Circle Journey. See here for all the explanation of this remarkable exclusive way to see the Canadian Rockies amazing views.

How luxe can you go? Make sure you choose the Gold Leaf Service and also the highest level of hospitality with the Fairmont hotels for accommodations.  I also hear there are some amazing luxury hotels on the West coast of Canada.  Did I hear bear sighting and fishing are at the Sonora Resort in Canada? Okay my bucket list is getting journey is getting longer and I hope yours is too? What have you added so far….well here is a definite add-on…

For 2019 Rocky Mountaineer has added four new destinations to discover. Not only can your adventure include a luxury train, but how about a gondola or a helicopter! My husband likes to think about all the different modes of transportation we can experience on each vacation.  So far Switzerland holds the record, but it looks like Canada might be able to top it!

Okay I thought I would have an answer after discovering all the possibilities Rocky Mountaineer offers but I actually have many answers. Looks like I have multiple Rocky Mountaineer journeys to add to my bucket list – aka my Goblet List (luxury experiences to be completed over and over again)!

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