While your wedding may have been a magical day, it was also stressful! Weddings are huge events to plan and pull off, so it’s no wonder that couples need a restful honeymoon after the day is done.


Choosing a honeymoon destination is all about what you and your partner love to do together. Your honeymoon is a time you will always remember, so find a destination you cherish and have always wanted to visit!


Don’t have any dream spots in mind yet? Jessica from JJ’s House recommends the following top honeymoon destinations for 2018 to rest, relax, rejuvenate and celebrate your love!


1. Saint Lucia


The lush gem of Saint Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean island known for its boutique luxury resorts, dramatic vistas, and volcanic beaches. Stay at the Ladera Resort overlooking the dramatically tapered points of Les Pitons and take in some of the country’s incredible hikes.

Saint Lucia is still relatively undiscovered, which makes it perfect for couples looking to get off the beaten path.


2. Los Cabos, Mexico


This Hollywood hideout is the perfect place to unwind in dramatic fashion. Exploding with new hotels, restaurants, and clubs, Los Cabos is the perfect place if you and your sweetie are party people. Honeymoon specials abound at the five star resorts and getaways into the Mexican jungles are abundant.


3. Mykonos, Greece


The iconic island of Mykonos Greece is a celebrity favorite—and it’s recently become a craft beer destination!

Sip local brews at new craft breweries, or take in the party at the SantAnna beach club. Chockfull of restaurants, bars, and gem-like hotels, Mykonos is sure to please even the most seasoned travellers.


4. Thailand


Ready to push the envelope on honeymoon destinations? Look no further than the wonderland of Thailand. This stunning country has everything you could possible want—from vast stretches of uninhabited beaches and deep, untouched jungles, to historic and cultural locales, to hot, party destinations blasting the latest tunes. Thailand has something for everyone, from food to drinks, to nature.


5. Bermuda


The tiny island of Bermuda might just be stone’s throw from the United States, but it will feel like a different world!

A tropical, European vibe will greet you as you arrive on its pink (yes, pink!) sand shores. Wedding cake buildings in pastels dot the waterfronts where locals and tourists alike come to play, dive, party, and relax.

6. Bali

The incomparably gorgeous landscape of Bali will have friends and family ooing and ahing over your pictures for years to come. While a beaten path for back packers, Bali has recently landed on the radars of the common traveller and luxury resorts, restaurants, yoga studios and more are becoming abundant.

7. California, USA

From the verdant forests of Northern California, to the celebrity-dotted streets of Los Angeles, there isn’t much you can’t do in California. Travel to wine country in Napa Valley to sample some world-renowned wines, or hike the majestic redwood forests. Pop down to LA for the party, before taking in a few days on the beach!