Whether your travel style is luxury or laid back, this awarded city is a must-visit for all types of travelers. If you have not been to Charleston, South Carolina, this is your starting point as a first timer. I’ve shared all of my essential experiences, both grounded and glamorous, in my guide to Charleston for Travelocity.com!

Charleston first timers guide

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As a well-traveled soul, I promise you your expectations will be exceeded when in Charleston. As one meanders down historic cobblestone streets passing perfectly-preserved historic homes, you cannot but think about all the stories they hold. That is, until you start thinking about all the remarkable restaurants you can visit later that evening.

Charleston first timers guide

Low Country Lingo

Do you ever leave a location, not knowing the real source of its being? Start your journey to Charleston by learning more about the Low Country and what it means. The local Gullah people have a saying, “all shut-eye ain’t sleep; all goodbye ain’t gone.” This region embraces this ambiguity as it sits between the sea and high ground and also between the past and the future. While in Charleston, one can enjoy all the history of the past—whether at a plantation or dining on famous local cuisine—then head off with pals to experience one of the country’s top chef’s newest creations just after shopping at Gucci at Belmond Charleston Place. No other city I have visited embraces both the new and the old so gracefully.

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Charleston first timers guide

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