Habits are either the best of servants or the worst of masters.                                – Nathaniel Emmons


It can be hard giving up a habit. I mean seriously challenging giving up something that has just become heavily ingrained in your everyday life. Habits define who we are and even more so dictate so much of our lives.


Taking back our lives and being more in control is a difficult task but if you can kick your habits you will find that the discipline that you will cultivate and grow from this challenging ordeal (kicking your habit) will truly enrich your life; no hyperbole.


Here are 5 Habits You Should Give Up. Your health will thank you.


Habits You Should Give Up


# 1 – Vaping


Vaping… yeah, yeah I can hear you already. There is no proof that it is bad for you yet, there is still studies and research going on.


That is true, but there are many early signs that vaping, despite being a great alternative to cigarettes may not be any healthier for you.


# 2 – Candy


There is no doubt that sugar tastes sweet. It is for this reason that candy is very difficult to give up; especially for those who have quite the sweet-tooth.


However in giving up candy not only do you protect your pearly whites from cavity but you also help to shed that excess body weight you may have put on to a few days of gorging down on those Reese’s buttercups.


# 3 – Doughnuts


Uhhhhh….donuts, yum.


There is a reason that Homer Simpsons loves donuts; they are amazing little pastries that set our taste buds on an adventure like no other.


Much like candy – the sugar that is found in donuts tantalizes our taste buds. But see sugar is a very highly addictive substance that could be somewhat compared to cocaine. In fact, it is.


Sugar is sweet, but it is highly addictive and has a significant effect on our brain chemistry as well as our weight. Giving up donuts, hard as it may be, will substantially help you lose weight and that is by no means a hyperbolic statement.


Sugar is one of the main causes of weight gain.


# 4 – Cocktails


Much like sugar – cocktails may not be as fattening as the two former entries, but it does have an adverse effect on our brain chemistry.


Yeah, you may very well have gotten loose the previous night and felt much more comfortable but what good is a good time if you can’t even remember it?



# 5 – Cigarettes 


Lastly, this may come as no surprise but be giving up cigarettes can have a monumental effect on your health – in a positive way. Cigarettes have long been known to be a significant culprit in people getting cancer.


If that is not reason enough to quit then I don’t know what more to tell you.


Keeping Your Habits


It can be difficult giving up a habit, especially when you thoroughly enjoy it. But you will discover that if you kick these harmful habits the skill of developing self-discipline will be all worth it in the end.