Despite this, they are no less luxurious: in fact, the facilities on Caribbean cruise ships are some of the most advanced and exciting ever seen. More people than ever before are opting for a luxury Caribbean cruise as their summer holiday – here’s why you should consider a luxury cruise too.

Boarding the ship

Most Caribbean cruises depart from a US port, with Florida among the most frequently used boarding points. For European visitors, most Caribbean cruises, therefore, begin with a few days on shore in Miami, before boarding for their Caribbean adventure. Major cruise lines tend to sail similar routes, but each has their own subtle differences, so look into each available choice before settling on the right cruise for you.

Caribbean cruise destinations

The Caribbean islands are located to the southeast of the United States. They include famous and desirable destinations such as Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia and Puerto Rico, along with other popular locations such as Dominica, the Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. Coastlines of South American states also sit inside the Caribbean sea – including Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica. A good Caribbean cruise will cover all of these ports.

Depending on the luxury cruise line, shore excursions can differ greatly. Many offer the chance for free exploration of the port, which many use for relaxing on the beach or hitting up the bars, but there are often guided tours, workshops and other day trips available on request.

Enjoy your time on the ship

Visiting the Caribbean is all about the sunny climate and the clear blue waters. When you are on board a Caribbean cruise ship, you can head to the deck and lap up the sunshine and watch as the ship sails past beautiful coastlines and crystal seas. If you prefer to keep active, the huge floating hotels are packed with amenities for travelers of all ages. On top of the usual casino cruises, most will include a swimming pool or even a a water park, along with amusement arcades, live entertainment, dining and drinking services, and much more besides.



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