Booking your spring holiday shouldn’t be stressful. In fact, it should be the opposite. Getting some time away is your opportunity to shake off the stresses of day-to-day life and recharge. Unfortunately, finding the right location, hotel and provider can be worrying, particularly when holidays are such a large investment. A spring holiday checklist may be just what you need to get a grand start on your travel plans.

Below is my spring holiday checklist for making sure you find the right holiday for you and your family and, of course, get the most for your money.


  1. Research the destination


There is a huge amount of information available online regarding different holiday locations. From crime rates and nearby attractions, to travel connections and local cultures, an online search into an area you’re interested in can give you an in-depth insight into the community, and a clear indication of whether it’s the right place for you.


  1. Read reviews


Reviews are the best way to get a clear and un-biased view of the location you’re interested in. Sites such as TripAdvisor allow account holders to upload pictures with their reviews, making it the perfect resource if you’re unsure about where to holiday this year. Make sure to read a good range of reviews; they’re usually ordered with the higher ratings first, so read an equal amount of negative ones too.


Don’t forget to read the dates on the reviews, to make sure you’re getting the most recent information that’s relevant to you!


  1. Speak to people who have been there before


Speaking to people who have been there before gives you the opportunity to ask any questions or sort out any concerns you might be experiencing. As well as this, the person themselves can give you a hint as to who the location is best-suited to.


For example, you may be planning a holiday for you and your family with young children. However, if the majority of the people you know who have visited a location are older couples, unlikely to seek holidays nearby waterparks or other attractions, then it may not be right for your family.


  1. Look at virtual tours


Virtual tours are the ‘try-before-you-buy’ of holidays! Giving you a rare and detailed look into the area and the attractions on offer. What better way to make sure you’re getting the most for your money, than to look around the location beforehand? This virtual tour from Journey Latin America is just one example!


  1. Research the surrounding areas and create a draft itinerary


By researching the surrounding areas, you can get an idea of what attractions you’re near to, and plan how you can spend each day. This is a particularly important if you’re somewhere with few transport connections. Imagine booking a holiday in a stunning resort only to find the nearest town is hours away!


I hope you have found the above checklist useful, and you enjoy putting these into practice! What are your top tips for making sure you get the most for your money? Get in touch and let me know!



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