We all get excited at the thought of a road trip.  Most of them in our youth were very spontaneous and not very well planned out.  So how can our more mature wise self be better prepared for those road trips?  There are many ways.  First the wanderlust in us must pick a destination – how about picking one of these 6 European Cities to Explore this Year? Then let’s get ready by checking out these items on our cars.

  1. Check your cars fluids – no one wants to be dehydrated – even your car.
  2. Check your tire pressure or better yet get someone like Kwik Fit.
  3. Check your cars air filter since we all want to feel clean.
  4. Wash your car so you feel proud of your ride and are protecting your paint.  No one wants that dreaded salt from all the snow and ice still on our cars.
  5. Do not start the trip with any idiot lights on, so get into a maintenance shop to get everything checked out.
  6. GO!


Enjoy your road trip!