Do Non-US citizens require a passport to get into Puerto Rico? This is obviously a question that comes up for many travelers – even US travelers. Since Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, US citizens are not required to supply a passport when they visit the country – but what about those not from the United States.

This questions about who needs a passport to visit Puerto Rico is especially important when multi-generations are traveling together. Many in your travel group may need to know more about passport requirements for Puerto Rico. As the family expands or a group of pals grows, one will most likely not be a United States Citizen. So to answer the questions –  non-US citizens trying to get into Puerto Rico from the United States or another foreign country will need to bring a valid passport with them for the trip. Make sure it is valid and note the expiration date.

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So check out your passport status and help Puerto Rico get back to business by planning a trip today!



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