If you are planning a holiday don’t forget to pack sportswear. Doing so is the first step in ensuring that you continue to keep fit whilst traveling.

What to pack

When it comes to deciding exactly what to take, the best approach is to only pack items of sportswear that can also be worn for other activities. Across the world, luggage allowances are shrinking, so you really do want to make the most of the space that you have. That means packing shorts, leggings, and t-shirts that you will also feel comfortable wearing on the beach, while sightseeing and for meals out. Fortunately, stylish gym wear, yoga clothing and other items of sportswear are really easy to find in the shops. And when it comes to shoes, be sure to check out adidas vs nike sizing to find the perfect pair for you.

Running on the beach

If you are planning to go running it makes sense to pack a really good pair of training shoes. It is wise to make it a pair that you have worn in, but are still smart enough to wear for meals out. Another alternative, is to try barefoot running on the beach.

For this activity, a pair of minimalist trainers is an excellent choice. They weigh very little and are extremely comfortable for running on sand. Plus, they offer at least some protection from objects that may have been dropped on the sand. Most resorts groom their beaches regularly, but this only picks up items that are sitting on top of the sand. So, you do need to protect your feet from items that are buried just slightly below the surface.

If you have never run on a beach before, you will find the tips and tricks in this article very helpful.

Book into a hotel with a gym

It is always a good idea to book yourself into a hotel that has a gym. You are far more likely to go and use it if it is located in the same building you are staying in. In most cities, there are gyms that are open to the public 24/7, like the Anytime Fitness gym Doncaster but they may be very busy.

Try out some new high-energy activities

When you are on holiday you have more time available. So, it gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new. If you have never been climbing or horse riding why not gives these highly physical activities a go? Usually, it is best to book before you travel. Doing so considerably increases your chances of actually getting up and attending your climbing class rather than being a little bit lazy and laying on the beach instead.

If you like yoga, consider booking yourself into a retreat for a few days. You will learn a lot, which will also help you to get far more out of your sessions when you get home.

Treat yourself to some spa treatments

It is also a good idea to book yourself in for a massage or hot stone treatment while you are on holiday. These sessions will help you to relax and give your body a chance to rest properly and build muscle. Fitness is not all about physical activity. You really do need to allow yourself enough time to unwind, relax and think. Someone who is too stressed out will find it far harder to stay fit. It is important to give yourself a proper break every now and again.