Chicago is an excellent destination for the entire family. From toddlers to teenagers and their parents, there is a wide range of attractions and activities to choose from. Whether you want to be outdoors communing with nature or indoors solving a mystery, you will never get bored.

Here are five activities and locations to help make your trip a memorable one for years to come.

Millennium Park

This park is open year-round with different activities depending on the season. The kids will want to spend all day here so stay somewhere nearby like Hotel Chicago Downtown. When its summertime, let the little ones splash around in the Crown Fountain pool while water pours from the gargoyles. If you visit in spring, take part in a scavenger hunt in Lurie Garden and seek out birds, bees, worms, and dragonflies. It is a great way to teach children about nature. Winter is no dud; that’s when the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink opens with a beautiful view of the lights downtown.

Shedd Aquarium

More than 30 000 creatures from around the world call the Shedd Aquarium their home. You’ll find whales, dolphins, penguins, tarantulas, and snails. Kids can play and learn through hands-on activities in the Polar Play Zone. There are also live animal encounters in the Waters of the World galleries and opportunities to talk to a diver and walk through a flooded forest. The oldest fish in any aquarium or zoo also resides here. The Aquarium receives two million visitors annually.

Adler Planetarium

If your family is more interested in space than the sea, this will be the perfect outing, especially for older children. The Planetarium focuses on astronomy and astrophysics with exhibitions like Mission Moon which U.S. space exploration. The Universe: A Walk Through Time highlights a number of theories on how the galaxy was started. You can also take a peek through the telescope in the Doane Observatory and view a show in the museum’s Grainger Sky Theater. This theater uses multiple projectors to give you an immersive experience of other planets, stars, and solar systems.

Lincoln Park Zoo

This free zoo is located just minutes from downtown Chicago. Gorillas, chimpanzees, wolves, bears and hundreds of other species await you and your little ones every day of the year. Beyond allowing you to get close to the animals, the zoo also operates conservation and science programs. It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun while learning about some fascinating creatures.

The Escape Game Chicago

Fancy a totally different experience? This live one-hour activity challenges your team to solve a mystery, complete a mission and escape the room. You can choose from a range of scenarios including planning a prison escape, repairing a spaceship or saving the world. It’ll be like participating in one of those scenes you see on TV. The game calls for collaboration, quick thinking, and perseverance, all qualities you’ll want your children to learn. The game is rated as the #1 escape game and the #1 fun and games attraction on TripAdvisor Chicago.

There’s clearly a lot to do. Hopefully, you’ll have enough time to take in all these activities when you visit Chicago. If you don’t, you can always visit again!




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