Since 2018 already has a running start on us – now is the time to discuss your exercise goals for your health before you miss any more of 2018. Many of us have made resolutions with promises to yourselves and we still have a bit of work to do. I myself was a late start, but have now hit the road running or barre3’ing if you will. What were your resolutions to yourself about your health and self care?

Many researchers of exercise and health spend a lot of time waking figuring out ways to help people with their new year’s resolutions and annual goals that include becoming more active. We all are a bit of researchers ourselves as we do a little trail and error with our goals. Take notes or use the apps like My Fitness Pal along with Mind Body to see how your own body reacts to which foods and workouts you “inflict” on it. I know not a good word to keep us positive but I feel it works here. My success so far this year has included both of these tools and I have found that daily barre3 and a few spin classes a week has given me amazing results in only 2 weeks. I told you I was a late starter this year. Usually I am an early adopter, but it just took me a bit longer to get off my ***** this year.

Now be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new routine, but always remember that usually movement aids your health. Also remember that recent research studies has given us a ton of excuses with topics such as “Excessive exercise may harm the heart.” in the news headlines. BUT if you do have any issues I am certain Slater Gordon Lawyers can help you out.

But don’t worry since most of the results show that more activity and exercise can only help you from preventing heart and other ailment. So, do yourself a favor and get up off of your **** and get to those 2018 goals today!



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