And just like that the holidays are over. No more big parties with friends and family, tons of delicious food waiting to be consumed, or generous gifts be given at every turn. No wonder we begin to feel a little blue at the start of January – the holiday blues! The good news is that there are plenty of ways to beat the post-holiday slump. Just follow these ten easy steps to help change your mindset and prepare yourself for positive thinking in the year ahead.


  1. Understand this is normal. You’re not alone! You may feel deflated going back to work, unmotivated to get back into the office, or already missing your time off. The increased negativity you’re feeling is actually a sign of healthy psychological behavour as you adapt back into your normal day-to-day routine.


  1. Stay hydrated. Just about everything you do during the holidays will contribute to dehydration: drinking too much alcohol, eating too many fatty foods, and tons of running around without noticing it. Drink plenty of water to boost your energy and brain power – it’ll give you much more of a kick than that third cup of coffee will.


  1. Ease your way back in. Give your brain a chance to restore ordinary and adapt back into your daily routine. Start with a better sleeping pattern – sleeping in total darkness will help. Schedule your meals and stay away from caffeine from after 4pm. Try boosting your mood even further by taking a short 15 minute walk after each meal.


  1. Have some “me” time. Focus on taking time for yourself this January. Book yourself into a spa day to unwind or a yoga retreat for some body, mind, and soul relaxation. Even a nice relaxing hot bath or shower can do just the trick.


  1. Take some supplements. Chances are you didn’t take many of those much needed vitamins over the holidays. Now is the time to revive and rejuvenate your body. Put back in what it’s longing for. An increase in vitamin B and omega-3 might be just what you need!


  1. Look after your body. You may be feeling miserable from all the overeating and drinking you did over the holidays. A few added pounds were expected, don’t worry too much about that. Why not join your local gym or take part in Dry January?


  1. Plan your next trip. Having something to look forward to always gets someone out of their funk. Book up now (usually cheaper to do so this time of the year) and get excited as you countdown to your next adventure.


  1. Give back. Acts of kindness are mood boosters no matter what time of the year, so involve your family in charity projects. Either volunteer at your local soup kitchen or help out walking dogs at the animal shelter. When the focus is on giving to others, it’s difficult to stay in a sour mood.


  1. Take a minute to reflect. You’ve just had the best holiday with family and friends, so take some time to reflect on this. Frame your memories and realize how grateful you are to have spent this time together with your loved ones.


  1. Know the signs. If these blues show no signs of shifting, it might be a sign of a more prolonged problem. Depression can loom at any time in your life and often inhibits us from enjoying the things that used to make us happy. Talk to your doctor if you feel the symptoms worsening or remaining long-term.